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Developed in Estonia one of top 10 world’s best banking information systems

The international Banking Technology Awards has named the information system developed by two Estonian companies – Bigbank and Icefire – as one of last year’s best projects in the top banking technology shortlist. Among others, competing companies were well-known players such as Deutsche Bank, HSBC, and Santander.

Icefire is a software company that specializes in software development for banks and financial institutions, with a significant knowledge in various banking business areas. Bigbank is specialized on consumer credit and term deposit based on Estonian capital and operates also in Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, and Spain. Together they have developed NEST, an advanced micro-banking platform.

“It was a unique opportunity for Icefire,” Jan Lakspere said, technology director at Icefire. “The formula for success was Bigbank’s bold and ambitious vision of Icefire’s world-class banking technology expertise. We have built the entire system from scratch, using the latest technologies and architectural choices, and at the same time introducing new IT-processes and team building principles,” remarked Lakspere.

According to Sven Raba, Chairman of the Bigbank Board, the development of the bank’s new information system is primarily aimed at improving customer experience and further growth.”We started to develop NEST for the future. Our vision is to become the most recommended digital financial services provider in all of our current and future markets. The new information system gives us all the prerequisites to provide our customers with the most modern and convenient banking services”, concluded Raba.

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