Crowd Valley Integrates e-Residency Platform to Enable Fully Digital Finance Services

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Crowd Valley will develop and extend its offerings through its work with e-Residency, a secure digital identity platform. The integration allows those with Estonian e-Residency’s secure digital ID to quickly and securely authenticate themselves or digitally sign in the private securities platforms supported by Crowd Valley.

“Estonian e-Residency enables the development of a truly new and digital customer experience, one in which users can be identified and known digitally, no matter where in the world they are located. E-Residency is helping to create fully digital financial services, and Estonia is a pathfinder in the digital sphere,” says Markus Lampinen, the CEO of Crowd Valley.

E-Residency is a transnational digital identity offered by the Republic of Estonia. E-Residency enables everyone, everywhere to securely identify him or herself online, open and run a location independent business, and take advantage of a marketplace of services specifically for e-residents. E-residents receive a smart ID card which provides digital identification and authentication to secure services, digital signing of documents, digital verification of document authenticity and document encryption. Combined with the digital infrastructure that Crowd Valley provides its clients, online platforms can now seamlessly transact in digital finance marketplaces in a purely online fashion.

Crowd Valley clients get a suite of services that helps them keep as much of their value chain as possible totally digital. Diligence (KYC/AML verification), business/investment entity registration, ongoing reporting and monitoring, and official filings are all easier, more seamless, and digital for Crowd Valley users.

“e-Residency is like an app store or a marketplace for e-services. It gets more useful with every new partnership. We are thrilled to see its applications in the growing global fintech market and to develop new models together with companies like Crowd Valley,” said Kaspar Korjus, head of Estonia’s e-Residency team.

About Crowd Valley

Crowd Valley is a leader and pioneer in private securities technology. Crowd Valley provides the full digital infrastructure needed for digital finance platforms accessible through a single online interface layer (API). This platform has process modules and workflow templates that enhance customers’ digital finance experience and engagement. Crowd Valley works with asset classes such as real estate, debt / equity, private middle market equity, and renewables such as solar. It has clients and partners worldwide, from California, to the United Kingdom to Japan.

About e-Residency

Estonia, a European Union member state, is the first country to offer e-Residency, a transnational digital identity available to everyone in the world. By giving foreigners and non-residents access to Estonia’s public and financial e-services, Estonia is building a borderless digital society and unleashing the world’s entrepreneurial potential.

e-Residency enables entrepreneurs and freelancers to quickly establish and run location independent businesses online from anywhere in the world. With e-Residency, entrepreneurs can: get easier access to EU markets, open a bank account and conduct e-banking, use international payment service providers, declare taxes, and sign all relevant documents and contracts remotely. The same e-Residency platform allows financial and web service providers, start-ups and developers to avoid country specific solutions and have quick access to international markets by letting clients from anywhere in the world use their services via a secure government verified digital identity.

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