Cleveron helps the US e-commerce market jump into the future


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Technology company Cleveron has signed contracts with three new distributors to expand in the US market. Cleveron’s new partners Lozier+CASI, Luxer One, and Telaid are all established companies within the American retail industry and have the largest retail players in their client portfolio.

Parcel pickup automation solution provider Cleveron has been active in the USA for more than five years. During the pandemic, US e-commerce saw tremendous growth, and retailers’ interest in pickup automation has grown significantly, providing Cleveron an opportunity to expands its business in the region. Cleveron’s solutions turn parcel pickup into a self-service, which saves time for both retailers and end-customers; they also help to save on costs.

Five years into the future

“In the US, our main client is the world’s largest retailer who is open to testing advanced technological solutions. But despite parcel lockers and robots being very common in Estonia, parcel lockers even being the most preferred delivery method here, they are still considered a thing of the future in the States,” explained CEO of Cleveron, Arno Kütt. “Today, due to the pandemic, the US e-commerce market has jumped five years into the future within just a couple of months. Retailers are very interested in technologies that will help make parcel handling more effective. Having local and experienced distributors with an already developed client portfolio will help us expand,” said Kütt.

Cleveron has selected three renowned US companies, Lozier+CASI, Luxer One, and Telaid, as distributors since all three companies have extensive experience in the local retail sector. In addition to selling Cleveron’s products, the companies will also be installing them and providing on-site maintenance.

Lozier+CASI combines Lozier Corporation and Cornerstone Automation Systems, LLC (CASI). Lozier Corporation, a leading manufacturer of store fixtures, has been a key supplier and developmental partner in retail markets since 1956. CASI designs, manufactures, installs, and services state-of-the-art turnkey automation systems for retail and e-commerce.

The USA leader

California-based Luxer One pioneered smart locker systems for package management more than a decade ago. They are the USA leader in pickup/drop-off with their custom-built software in a variety of industries, including retail, university, and office. Luxer products are considered the standard in durability and design for the contactless management of goods.

Telaid makes IT simple with rapid rollouts, product lifecycle management, and managed IT services. The company deals with all the technologies in a business, from wireless to physical security solutions, infrastructure, and cabling to emerging IoT and automation.

Walmart as the largest client

Cleveron’s largest client in the USA is Walmart, which uses more than 1,600 Cleveron robots to hand out their online orders in their stores across the country. The parcel lockers and robots help retailers to efficiently handle large parcel volumes and hand over online orders quickly, as a self-service, saving time and money for everyone. Cleveron’s robotic solutions also offer a contactless handover, which in today’s circumstances, is extremely important.


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