B.EST Solutions helps launch m-Residency in Azerbaijan

B.EST Solutions m-Residency Azerbaijan

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B.EST Solutions – an Estonian company delivering trusted e-governance solutions in emerging states around the world – has once again proven the transferability of Estonia’s digital success. Recently, the company helped develop and launch the m-Residency program in Azerbaijan – the first counterpart to Estonia’s e-residency. We are delighted to share the stakeholders’ overview of the future prospects of the program.

Physical distance can be a debilitating challenge for businesses looking to leverage the potential of an increasingly connected world. Geopolitical complications, ranging from trade wars to economic sanctions, often force companies to move from one country to another as well as reinvest and restart their operations. Business units aiming to optimise costs and increase profit thereby face a complex reality in the current global climate.   

The m-Residency program, introduced in Azerbaijan by the initiative of President Ilham Aliyev, provides insurance against these difficulties.

Introducing m-Residency                   

m-Residency is a cutting-edge and pioneering form of doing business. Offered in only two countries in the world – Estonia and now Azerbaijan – the program provides the opportunity to establish and run a border- less business without major risk or hassle.

The m-Residency program provides virtual government-verified identification in Azerbaijan. m-Residents receive a specially issued Asan Imza (Mobile ID) SIM card for secure authentication and electronic signatures. With this, it is possible to start official activities in the country and use any banking service. Although international applications currently come with limitations, the m-Residency program is growing rapidly.

What benefits does the m-Residency program provide? And what are the program’s future prospects? Access the PDF of the full article via this link to find out more.


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