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A glimpse at 5 Estonian AI companies providing tangible business solutions

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From language processing to customer service and turnkey AI solutions, not to mention the only self-serve computer vision platform in the world. These are five Estonian AI companies who participated in our Digital Discussion. Let’s dig deeper 🤖


FeelingStream – the no.1 ASR and NLP provider in Scandinavia

Feelingstream transcribes, classifies and provides exciting visibility into customer conversations. The platform is created to discover new sales leads, indication for customer churn and process bottlenecks and errors discovery in the processes. They analyse the following data:

  • Phone calls
  • Email
  • Chats
  • Feedback

When using the full service from Feelingstream all calls are searchable, visualised and analysable. Conversational analytics platform creates visibility to see systematically what is happening inside the conversations and any critical conversations are not missed.

The second part of the product is automation. There are several automation services: routing, automating after a call memo, auto reply to emails, classification, etc.

For example, they have successfully validated that the telecom sector can find 3 new sales leads out of 10 calls to sell to existing customers and this increases their sales by 5%, which is a huge improvement! Moreover, this achievement is reachable in one week once they have started using this AI tool in the big organisation!

Target customers

  • Telco
  • Banking
  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Government sector

The company provides its services in local languages – Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Estonian, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and English.

International projects, case studies + wall of fame

  • 2021 Finnish Social Security Agency KELA piloted FeelingStream’s Finnish Speech-to-text solution for their customer service.
  • 2021 integration with Zendeskamong other integrations with contact handling tools   (Genesys, SAP, Wildix, Puzzel, LIVE chat, etc);
  • 2020 won the European Data Incubator Program;
  • 2018 the best company of the Nordic Angel program at SLUSH;
  • 2016 Top 7 at Ajujaht, the largest competition of business ideas in Estonia;

Glia – an easy-to-use digital customer service solution 

Unlike fragmented point solutions, Glia‘s platform was architected from the ground up to seamlessly unify all digital channels in an easy-to-use Digital Customer Service solution that meets the security and scalability needs of the most discriminating financial institutions.

Three guys standing in front of a graffiti wall
 Glia’s founders: Dan Michaeli, Carlos Paniagua, and Justin DiPietro.

Glia enables representatives to engage with customers online, co-browse the site, and co-pilot them to resolve issues or complete purchases without having to re-explain as they go.

Customers can message with agents or contextual chatbots, talk to reps on the phone or through a computer, and video chat — moving gracefully between channels as needed while being guided online.

Throughout engagements, AI guidance and multi-application screen-pops optimize agent efficiency and effectiveness in a unified desktop.

Main customer segments

Glia’s clients are the biggest names in the financial services market globally:

  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Insurance companies

International projects, case studies, wall of fame

MindTitan – turning organisations AI-driven globally

MindTitan‘s vision is to be the best at turning organizations AI-driven to unleash their high-value potential. They believe AI to be a must-have for organizations to stay competitive.

Business man in a suit
  MindTitan’s CEO Kristjan Jansons. Photo: © Jake Farra

MindTitan solves business problems using machine learning and helps companies make sense of their data and turn complex data into insights and profit. They do whatever it takes to deliver turnkey AI solutions.

Scheme of an AI company´s product cycle
Components of delivering turnkey AI solutions.

From AI strategy, idea validation, data collection, data labeling, data engineering, data architecture, piloting, scaling, MLOps to data science itself – MindTitan are there all the way to deliver the AI solutions needed for the organization. This can mean either custom solutions or offering existing tools from their developed product suite.

Customer segments

  • Corporations
  • Public sector
  • Startups

International projects, case studies, wall of fame

Fyma –  the only self-serve computer vision platform in the world

Fyma is a European AI computer vision company that transforms cameras found in streets, venues, shopping malls, and other urban areas into smart devices, turning camera feed into untapped data insights to improve panning, safety, customer experience, and revenue, thanks to AI analysis.

A businessman and a businesswoman
  Fyma founders – Taavi Tammiste and Karen K. Burns.Photo: © Silver Gutmann

Fyma solves 2 problems: 

  • Getting better ROI from cameras and related infrastructure. They do more than just act as cameras and provide more valuable insights for businesses, local government, and real estate owners about their customers. Fyma solves the problem with its AI platform, which takes about one minute to set up and does not require additional complex or expensive infrastructure, providing fast ROI.
  • GDPR and privacy. Many AI computer vision tech companies carry out facial recognition, which has seen businesses fined massive amounts, customer and citizen privacy infringed, and biased and racial profiling concerns raised in law enforcement settings. Fyma solves this problem by never detecting or processing human faces. It achieves this by blurring all human faces when their AI algorithms are trained. So the AI never learns what a face is, ever. It’s a new standard in ethical AI that completely protects personal privacy. The Fyma platform also never stores any camera feed data, only the metadata. Fyma also practices the highest levels of compliance with GDPR across its tech stack, processes, contracts.

Main customer segments

  • Urban planners
  • Commercial real estate owners
  • Out of home advertising businesses

International projects, case studies + wall of fame

  • Dutch Grand Prix – the Dutch national rail company partnered with Fyma, attaching cameras to drones plugged into the Fyma to get insights into crowd behaviours at the Dutch Grand Prix.
  • Viru shopping centre – the most profitable shopping mall in the Nordics used Fyma during Covid to get a clear picture about footfall, based on actual data, not impressions. And used that data to guide how shopping mall retail tenants were being charged rent. And, Fyma was able to provide gender, age, and behaviour data, which, combined with point of sales data, gave Viru untapped and comprehensive insights into retail behaviours and spend.
  • Ulemiste City trial, Estonia: Space planning for this innovative business park. Fyma was used in the car parking to assist with better car parking, which resulted in reduced CO2 by 1.12 metric tons of CO2e/ month.
  • LMT Latvia:  A collaboration with a leading mobile operator to use AI-powered urban analytics for traffic analytics, crowd management, urban mobility analytics.
  • Tallinn City Government: Working with the local government to replace and improve traffic monitoring by using Fyma’s AI platform instead of sensors that do not provide sufficient levels of data and would take a lot more time and money.

Flowit – AI projects from idea to analysis to usable products

Flowit is a software development company that has an AI department specialized in predictive analytics. Our main strength is that we deliver AI projects from ideas and analysis to usable products.

Flowit uses AI to utilize your existing data and predict the future far better and at a more granular level than any human could.

A business man in a blue sweater.
 Juhan Pukk, partner at Flowit. 

Standard Business Intelligence solutions give you the possibility to see the past. Still, we allow our customers to understand the behavior patterns of their customers and highlight any sudden changes in them.

So far, the salespeople had to act reactively, wait for the customer to come to them. Now it is possible to work proactively and send prefilled proposals before the customer even asks for a quote.

Main customer segments

  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing

Case studies 

Logistics company with 200 employees and 100M revenue

Problem – Managing SPOT sales in an old-fashioned way are very resource-intensive, and understanding the customers is in salespeople’s heads. Thirty thousand customers with 300 000 shipments per year. How to realize the potential of possible repetitive sales?

Solution – Analyzing the data, developing a self-service portal, building an AI solution to monitor customer churn, predicting following periods orders based on predictive analytics algorithms.

Outcome – Customer gained insight into their customer behavior that they did not think was possible. Customers can sell to customers about whom they never had an understanding before. Customers whole sales process changed from reactive to proactive.  The customer managed to retain three customers that were about to leave within the first week of use!

Electronic parts manufacturer with 12 000 employees, and 2B revenue

Problem – understanding the behavior of resellers and end customers and predicting the volumes needed for the next period.

Solution – Analyzing the existing data from the previous periods, purifying the data, and using the predictive analytics algorithms to understand customer behavior and predict sales and production volumes following periods.

Outcome – Customers can understand their customer’s behavior and monitor it in real-time. They can predict their next period’s sales with an accuracy of 95%.




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