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We have built a digital society and we can show you how

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Let's build the next generation AI-powered digital government!

We invite everyone with expertise in data science, analysis and architecture to join an experimental framework in the total amount of 5 million euros to build the next generation AI-led country in Estonia together!

You will get the opportunity to become part of one of the most technologically advanced government projects in Europe and contribute to developing an AI govstack that is open source, data driven and borderless, and what’s more – benefits the whole society.


Send your offers by 26.08.2022.

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Experience Estonian digitalisation

Gain insights on how to build an e-state

Connect with the Estonian companies behind our e-solutions

The role model for governments should be Estonia, a country where almost every bureaucratic task can be done online.
Estonia has given an entirely different outlook on what a truly human-centric society entails for digital citizens.
Estonia is the world's most digitally advanced society.

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We host impactful events both in our centre and online for government institutions, companies, and media. You’ll get an overview of e-Estonia’s best practices and build links to leading IT-service providers and state experts to support your digitalisation plans.

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The Briefing Centre is conveniently located just 2 minutes drive from the airport and 7 minutes drive from the city centre.

Valukoja 8
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