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Estonia: the rise of the digital tiger

Since the close of 20th century, Estonia has evolved from a $2000 GDP to a $26 billion economy. This exponential leap is the result of the country’s pivot to technology and digital transformation.

The Baltic country built itself through innovative policies and programs such as social services linked digitally, e-signature, flat tax system, and e-citizenship for foreign nationals.

To date, Estonia is considered as one of the global leaders in public service delivery using technology that earned it good standings in various indices like Index of Economic Freedom, Human Development Index, and World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business.

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Estonian firms interested to participate in Philippine national ID project

Estonian firms visited Philippines and expressed interest in participating in the country’s plan to implement a national ID system.

In response, the Secretary of the Philippine Department of Finance Carlos Dominguez recognized Estonian expertise as “the most advanced digital society.”

Secretary Dominguez extended the invitation to the tech firms to bid for the contract. The visiting Estonia firms were Aktors, Cybernetica, Ecomatic, GoSwift, and RaulWalters.

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Ericsson and ABB join forces to introduce an intelligent factory in Estonia

Two powerhouses on digital industries, Ericsson and ABB, signed an agreement to enhance collaboration on the development of intelligent factory technology in Estonia.

The maturing Internet 4.0 and 5G technologies are opening opportunities for broader connected services, industrial IoT, and AI technologies in the future.

The agreement is expected to pursue research collaboration, improvements in manufacturing processes and automation, and discovery of new business businesses tailored for the industrial ecosystem.

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Threats of cyberwarfare depicted in movies are real

LockedShields 2019 is a cyber-defence exercise that brings together experts to Tallinn to enhance their skills in defending national IT systems and critical infrastructure.

The attacks simulated in cybersecurity event are, according to NATO CCDCOE cyberwarfare strategist to Siim Alatalu, akin to scenes of the movie Die Hard 4.

“The targets are things around us in daily lives, anything from traffic lights to power plants, to gas refineries. These are all things we don’t really need to know how they operate around us — but at the same time — if somebody learns how to manipulate them, they can change the way we live.”

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