Weekly Press Review | Cybernetica develops data exchange system for Greenland

Photo credits: Beate Rhomberg

Greenland’s UXP to be named Pitu

The utility of Estonia’s data-exchange layer, X-Road, has been increasingly realized globally in recent years. The technology has already been exported to several partner countries; the latest of whom is Greenland. In a conference this week, Cybernetica, a company best-known for its involvement in the creation of X-Road and Unified eXchange Platform (UXP), discussed developing a similar data interoperability infrastructure for the country named Pitu: the Greenlandic word for the link of the harness between the dog sled and sled dogs.

Sandra Kamilova, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson, said: “The backdrop for the conference was provided by the recent agreement between AS Cybernetica and Greenland on the implementation of the UXP platform.”

This article was originally published in ERR. Read the full article here.


Estonia’s First Cyber Ambassador Seeks to Improve Global Cyber Defense

Estonia’s first dedicated cyber ambassador, Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar, took office on Monday, and has already taken aim at Global Cyber Defence. Estonia has long been a megaphone for cyber security issues – establishing the NATO CCDCOE in 2008 –  and now seeks to dominate the discourse along with prominant players like the UK, France, and Germany. While President Kersti Kaljulaid has already called for global cyber security cooperation, Tiirmaa-Klaar adds “countries with well-developed cybersecurity capabilities should help their counterparts abroad” – while also extending a hand to private companies that often do not have the same defence capabilites as a state.

This article was originally published in The Wall Street Journal. Read the full article here.


Estonia: one of 5 digital projects changing lives around the world

Raconteur listed 5 regions lastweek that are substantially disrupting the norm. Estonia was listed amoung the United States, Vancover, Moscow, and Moray as one of the most digitally inovative nations. The article goes on to highlight features of Estonia’s firstclass digital public services, ID cards, e-Residency, and once-only principle.

This article was originally published in Racounteur. Read the full article here.


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