Weekly Press Review | Canadian parliament wants to learn e-governance the Estonian way

Canadian parliament wants to learn e-governance the Estonian way

Parliament members of Canada are interested in Estonia’s digitally-enabled government and how to make it work in their country. MP Bob Zimmer revealed that the House of Commons privacy committee plans to visit the Baltic country to see e-Estonia firsthand.

Amidst the threats of privacy and data breaches, the legislators are looking for ways how to improve their digital services while keeping the data secured. They also want to adopt “once-only” principle which means government cannot ask the same information if it has already been provided.

“I don’t know if the Estonian model is possible, but we’re definitely interested. It’s got us very intrigued, how they preserve the sanctity of personal data. That’s always something we want to see,” said Zimmer.

This article was originally published in National Post. Read the full article here.


Taltech opens 5G network to students and scientists

Tallinn University of Technology (Taltech) in cooperation with Swedish telecommunication firms, Telia and Ericsson, have opened 5Ginfrastructure to scientists and students. The new generation network will serve as a platform for technologies and innovations that rely on 5G internet connection such as autonomous vehicles.

Aside from scientists and students, the ultra-fast and reliable connection 5G infrastructure is also open to companies and start-ups who want to test their solutions. 5G will provide at least 10 times faster internet connection than a 4G.

Taltech’s partner Telia is planning to offer 5G services to consumers in Estonia this year.

This article was originally published in Estonian World. Read the full article here.


e-Estonia headlines in Indian press

Indian version of business magazine and online portal entrepreneur.com cites Estonia’s successes in e-governance, its components and benefits of doing things digitally. The media company looks at Estonia’s case within India’s context where massive population plays a vital role in developing their bold e-government plans.

“E-Estonia is undoubtedly the most ambitious project in the emerging domain of technological statecraft today, and the very fact that it has been implemented with roaring success has made governments the world over to sit up and take notice,” the article said.

The Times of India meanwhile puts the spotlight on i-Votingwith the headline “Estonians can vote from anywhere in the world.”

These articles were originally published in Entrepreneur India and Times of India. Read the full articles here and here.

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