“We should learn a lot from this country”


In her visit at e-Estonia Showroom, the Indonesian Ambassador to the Republic of Estonia and Finland impressed by the digital services Estonia provides to its citizens, described the country’s pioneering work as “Excellent!”.

“We should learn a lot from this country” she continued. According to her, Indonesia must tap into the Estonian’s expertise in the IT sector, especially the digital public services. She emphasizes the importance of developing norms in IT by empowering cooperation, among the younger generation in terms of boosting research and innovation. Furthermore, she is planning to collaborate with Indonesian Government to provide successful students with scholarship to study at the prestigious universities in Estonia.

Even though Indonesia is a big country, compromised of 34 provinces, 476 cities and municipalities, Mrs. Firman does not see any obstacle in the wide implementation of the digital services currently available in Estonia.” There is no obstacle, Indonesia needs to strengthen its mental strength” the ambassador says.

As a core element towards creating the right infrastructure towards a digitalized society, she introduced us with the Palapa Ring Project initiated by the Indonesian Government, to provide fast broadband Internet to all Indonesians, in both urban and rural areas. Optimistically, she concluded that by 2019 all of the cities in Indonesia will be covered with Internet.

To know more about the Embassy of Indonesia in Finland and Estonia, have a look at the official website of the diplomatic unit based in Helsinki.