Estonia’s strong climate of innovation has led to the development of cutting-edge tools for the utilities and intelligent homes industries. These not only allow energy providers to serve their customers better, and they give homeowners more options for savings and result in a cleaner environment.

Using sophisticated technologies developed in Estonia, electricity providers can take a holistic approach to customer care. Advanced smart meters allow them to monitor each customer’s consumption on an hour-by-hour basis. Then, by logging into a friendly, web-based interface, customers can in turn see their detailed metering results and adjust their usage accordingly. They can even tell how much of their electricity is coming from renewable sources, and make choices about how much green energy they would like to use.

The same system that controls the smart metering and customer interface is also linked with the utility company’s billing, saving the company time and money and further reducing environmental impact.

Additionally, these sophisticated utilities systems have the capacity work hand-in-hand with advanced intelligent homes and intelligent buildings systems created in Estonia, allowing them to operate more efficiently than ever before.

Estonian intelligent buildings systems, which allow users to monitor and control vital functions of the building such as heating, lighting and security, are far ahead of their counterparts elsewhere. They are more integrated and rely less on expensive hardware for their interfaces. Use of such systems can net an energy savings of 30 to 50 percent over the lifetime of a building.