Public Safety

Estonia is safer thanks to e-police, a combination of systems that give law enforcement officers the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. These systems allow the same number of officers to respond to more calls, and better meet the time-critical requirements of emergency situations.

Every patrol car in the country is equipped with a mobile workstation that provides officers with instant access to multiple, key databases. When an officer checks a vehicle tag or a person’s ID, they are retrieving information via the X-Road. That means they’ll not only see criminal records, but also relevant information from the weapons registry, vehicle registry, traffic insurance fund and the population register – all arriving in just two seconds.

Additionally, an Estonian-developed positioning system gives the command center real-time information on the location and status of every patrol car. When commanders know what resources and personnel they have available, they can react to emergencies more quickly.

A separate positioning system, also pioneered in Estonia, allows police to quickly pinpoint the origin of an emergency call made by mobile phone – an ability that has proven crucial when dispatching rescue services to remote areas.

Every second saved by these integrated technological solutions is a second that can be spent responding to requests for help.