Estonia’s healthcare system has been revolutionized by locally-developed e-solutions. Doctors and patients, not to mention hospitals and the government, are benefiting from the convenience, access and savings that these e-services have brought.

The Electronic Health Registry (2008) has dramatically improved how patient information is handled, combining data from different sources, making test results rapidly available online and giving doctors quick access to critical information. Meanwhile that same information, as well as useful health advice, is available to the patient through the Patient Portal, giving the patient an element of control over their treatment as well as protecting their privacy.

The new and efficient e-Prescription system (2010) is also cutting down on paperwork and doctor visits, saving an untold amount of time and effort. Doctors can now prescribe medicine to their patients in an online environment, without having to physically meet them to write out a paper each time a refill is needed. The patient then simply goes to the pharmacy, presents his ID Card, and picks up the medicine. It’s that easy.

Read the European Commission eHealth Task Force Report – Redesigning health in Europe for 2020  press here.