All levels of administration in Estonia, from the national leadership to local councils, are working faster, cheaper and better thanks to the country’s e-solutions. They have also become more open to the public than ever before, building bridges between the state and the people it serves.


Whether it’s through the groundbreaking e-Cabinet used the nation’s highest officials, convenient services like e-Tax and i-Voting, or integrated databases like the Population Registry and Online Health Registry, moving the functions of government to an online environment has both cut down on bureaucratic waste and made administration work more effectively. Meanwhile, handy aids like GIS are allowing agencies like the State Forest Management Centre and town governments to map development projects and handle resources better than ever before.


The e-government systems used in Estonia are breaking down the old barriers between officials and the public, creating an atmosphere of openness and trust. Anyone can log into e-Law to see what their parliamentarians are doing with draft legislation, for example. Citizens can also log into the State Portal to see all of their own government-held records, check who has reviewed that data, and in some cases, set limits to access.