Raising smarter kids is the smartest investment a country can make. That’s why ever since the pivotal Tiger Leap project brought Estonia’s schools into the digital age in the 1990s, education has been the focal point of the nation’s most groundbreaking e-society developments. Conveniences like online university application and instant exam results by SMS are only the beginning.

The far-reaching e-School system has created a partnership between parents, teachers and students on a level that’s never been seen before. Now parents have 24-hour online access to their children’s school activity data and can check everything from grades and attendance records to today’s homework assignment. Using the same system, teachers can do everything from plan curricula to send notes to parents, individual students or an entire class. Students can see their progress online, and even put their best work into a personalized e-portfolio.

The global shortage of high-tech workers is hitting smaller countries harder than bigger ones. In search of a solution, ProgeTiiger (CodeTiger) and TechSisters are two Estonian initiatives that are fighting the same issue – helping to uncover hidden talent and shaping the IT workplace of the future.

As for higher education students use online software to enroll to the university, choose and declare subjects, overlook the results and participate in a distant education forms.

Preschools, schools and universities programms and activity is being managed, controlled and regulated centrally by the Ministry of Education via e-solution, called EHIS.

With these improvements, Estonia has revolutionized the way its education is administered in the country. The end result is that it is raising a future generation that will be more capable and tech-savvy than ever.