In Estonia, the availability of integrated e-solutions has created an effective, convenient interface between citizens and government agencies. Using their eID, citizens can access the State Portal, a one-stop-shop for the dozens of state services connected by the X-Road. Here they can do everything from voting to updating their automobile registry to applying for universities. Each and every citizen is also given an e-mail address for official communication.

Access to services

Estonia is continually widening the range of convenient, internet-based services it offers to the public, such as ability to apply for state benefits, file taxes, and access one’s medical records online. This not only saves time and expense for both the state and the citizen, it also makes the citizen feel more of a partner in the civic process.

Democratic participation

In 2005 Estonia became the first nation in history to offer internet voting in a nationwide election. The country’s groundbreaking i-voting system allows any citizen to vote at their convenience, no matter how far they are from a polling station. As an added benefit, making the process easy and accessible increases voter turnout.