Estonia has transformed itself into one of Europe’s business success stories of the last decade, mainly thanks to the sophisticated e-solutions available here. Whether they’re business-to-business or government-to-business, these solutions rely on infrastructure like the X-Road and eID to create the kind of fast interaction and access needed to make commerce work.


It’s a simple fact – where business is easy, business will grow. Services in the private sector such as internet banking and digital signatures have cut costs and sped up trade like never before. Likewise, the public sector solutions used in Estonia like electronic tax filinge-business registry and the availability of public records online have pared bureaucratic waste down to a bare minimum.


The country’s open and clear working environment, a big attraction for investors, is given a boost by one-of-a-kind commercial and land registries, which leave no doubts as to affiliations and ownership. In addition, the country’s cutting-edge, e-oriented government makes an unprecedented amount of legal and tax information available on the web.