Security and safety

Being a digital society means exposure to cyber threats. With solid investments in cyber security infrastructure, Estonia has developed extensive expertise in this area, becoming one of the most recognized and valued international cyber security experts.

After Estonia’s experience with the 2007 cyber attacks, scalable blockchain technology was developed to ensure integrity of data stored in government repositories and to protect it data against insider threats. Estonia became host to the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence and the European IT agency.

  • 24/7 online public portal for queries
  • 1st country to use blockchain on national level
  • 2nd fastest court proceedings in Europe

KSI Blockchain

Available in more than 180countries

KSI is a blockchain technology designed in Estonia and used globally to make sure networks, systems and data are free of compromise, all while retaining 100% data privacy.

A blockchain is a distributed public ledger – a database with a set of pre-defined rules for how the ledger is appended by the distributed consensus of the participants in the system. Due to its widely witnessed property, blockchain technology makes it also impossible to change the data already on the blockchain.

KSI Blockchain scales to1012items of data every second

With KSI Blockchain deployed in Estonian government networks, history cannot be rewritten by anybody and the authenticity of the electronic data can be mathematically proven. It means that no-one – not hackers, not system administrators, and not even government itself – can manipulate the data and get away with that.

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The e-Law system is an online database for the Estonian Ministry of Justice that allows the public to read every draft law submitted since February 2003. Built using blockchain technology, it is formally known as the Electronic Coordination System for Draft Legislation.

Readers can see who submitted the legislation, its current status, and changes made to it as it passed through the parliamentary process. Once an act becomes law, it is published in the online state gazette Riigi Teataja, another searchable database that acts as an open legal library.

A similar system used by Tallinn City Council makes it possible to follow all council sessions online, while city legislation and other documents are available on the municipal homepage. Projects such as these create an unprecedented level of transparency in the state, cut down on corruption, and encourage citizens to take an active interest in legislative affairs.

To increase international and business cooperation, almost 500 legal acts have now been translated from Estonian into English. Since 2014, people from 185 different countries have viewed the translated laws. The laws can be found at the Riigi Teataja website


Nowadays, life is fast and justice procedures – the cornerstones of a democracy – should be just as prompt. Thanks to fully automated court processes and electronic communication tools, Estonia has one of the most effective court systems in the world.

The e-Court system is a fully comprehensive system for managing all court procedures. The solution has been implemented for Estonian courts under the Ministry of Justice and paperless proceedings have been held since 2015.

The initial claim can be entered via a public portal 24/7 and within one hour the court clerk can confirm the case and appoint the first hearing. Once confirmed, the workflow engine delivers the necessary data to the portal for the allocated judge. Meanwhile, the judge and other participants can submit further items of evidence electronically, answer questions and even involve legal representatives and lawyers in the process.

If the case is simple, the hearing will be held electronically with no need to visit the court house. All participants will be sent the decision through the public portal using X-Road technologies. Finally, the concluding or bailiff procedures are also automated – the fine is collected automatically without any need to physically attend to the payment.

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17,000queries to the e-Police system every day

Estonia’s e-Police system is based on the principle that providing the best possible communication and coordination will lead to the most effective policing. This involves two main tools: a mobile workstation installed in each patrol car, and a positioning system that shows headquarters every officer’s location and status.

The positioning system provides the operations centre real-time information about the location and status of each patrol vehicle. This information is clearly displayed on a map, making it easy for commanders to send the closest vehicle whenever a call comes in, thereby improving response times.

Police works50times more effective

A mobile workstation is installed in every patrol car, providing officers in the field almost instantaneous access to vital information such as place of residence, photograph, telephone number or driving license data, vehicle, owner/user and technical inspection information and even whether the driver owns any registered weapons. In fact, the police could potentially access a dozen relevant databases, and the system is integrated with the information system of the Schengen Zone, allowing them to see if the vehicle is stolen or if the driver is wanted in another country.

Earlier, these queries were handled over the radio and typically took 15 to 20 minutes, now they take as little as 2 seconds. The difference allows officers more time to answer calls, resulting in more effective policing.

Developers of Security and safety

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