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Estonia’s efforts to leverage technology for teaching and learning began in the 1990s with an ambitious Tiger Leap programme to build up schools’ technology infrastructure, including providing internet access and computers to all schools.
How can Estonia ensure the involvement of all social groups in a digital society? The digital revolution in Estonia continues to use modern digital technology effectively in learning, teaching and research. Estonia has  invested in the development of schools’ local internet connections, purchasing devices for teachers, supporting the creation of digital learning materials and advancement of teachers’ digital skills. Those investments into infrastructure and ecosystem lied ground also for a quick switch into the remote learning model during the first days of the COVID19 crisis.

Digital tools & learning materials

The Estonian school is mostly in the cloud, though books and traditional activities are valued as well. From 2020, schools are able to provide general education using only digital learning materials. Those various e-solutions ultimately make students’ schoolbags lighter: helping carry knowledge instead of a heavy schoolbag, improving posture, and making learning smarter. These are just some examples, there are many more e-solutions used in Estonian education.
Today’s technology has greatly increased opportunities to use data and analytics to improve teaching. For evidence-based education decisions, we need relevant data. There are several databases and registries in Estonian education and research. Some of the educational data is public to everyone, some are intended for use within the field.
However, the unavoidable prerequisite to use any e-solution is a good internet connection. Though Estonian schools got their first computers and internet connection already more than two decades ago, technology needs to be upgraded. Estonia continues renewing the digital infrastructure of schools, providing faster connections and better devices for teaching and learning.

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