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e-Schoolbag is a portal for digital learning materials, developed by Ministry of Education and Research.

The portal contains materials for basic, general and vocational education, comprising digital learning material arranged by keywords on the basis of the curriculum. The primary purpose of e-Koolikott is to allow accessing digital learning materials from a single point – the user no longer needs to search for materials in different portals.

A national system of metadata has been developed for assigning keywords which is based on the structure and characteristic of curricula, the topics addressed, etc. Learning materials can be searched for based on general competencies, cross-cutting topics, classes, educational levels, subject syllabus topics and types of learning materials.

The functionalities of e-Schoolbag:

  • Teachers can create and use collections and share them with users (e-textbooks, interactive games, worksheets and self-developed tasks);
  • Gather statistics of learning materials;
  • Users can leave feedback and comments on the materials.
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