In Estonia, 99% of public services are available online 24 hours a day. E-services are only impossible for divorces  – you still need to leave the house for this.

Thanks to a safe, convenient, and flexible digital ecosystem, Estonia has reached an unprecedented level of transparency in governance and built broad trust in its digital society. As a result, Estonia saves over 1400 years of working time annually and has become a hassle-free environment for business and entrepreneurship.

e-Governance is a strategic choice for Estonia that aims to improve the competitiveness of the country and increase the well-being of its people. Our aim is to keep the government working seamlessly 24/7. This is supported by digital identity, secure data exchange, and high-quality databases. E-Governance consists of transparent and efficient use of ICT in state administration (e-Administration), user-friendly public services provision online (e-Services and active involvement of citizens in decision-making processes(e-Participation). The development of the Estonian e-Governance ecosystem has been supported by strategic vision,trust of citizens and cooperation with the ICT sector. Personal data protection is the cornerstone of building trust towards e-Government. Citizens have the right to know who is using their personal data. Enforcement of ‘once-only’ principle means that citizens only have to submit their data once to the government to be used and re-used. Estonia is striving for provision of proactive and invisible services by relaying on the efficient use of data which the state already has. Proactive service delivery means that the government starts service provision without waiting requests from citizens.

Government Cloud

The Estonian Government Cloud supports the modernisation and renewal of existing information systems, allowing the government to embrace opportunities offered by cloud technology. This will allow more agility in the provision of e-services by government agencies and critical service providers to residents and e-residents.

The solution will help to integrate the existing siloed IT infrastructure of the Estonian public sector into shared pool of resources. The Estonian public institutions will gradually transit from existing legacy systems to a new Government Cloud solution, which has been developed in accordance with the national IT Security Standard (ISKE), to ensure the compliance with safety and quality requirements. For example sensitive personal data is stored and handled with confidentiality, and integrity.

To accommodate physical security requirements, the Estonian Government Cloud will be deployed in two locations, having one location outside of the capital. This will allow to manage data and information systems in a distributed manner. To support the Estonian “digital” independence and uninterrupted operation of public IT services in state of emergency there is a long-term plan to establish e-embassies outside Estonia in friendly foreign countries.

The Estonian Government, represented by the State Infocommunication Foundation (RIKS), and a consortium of private sector companies including Cybernetica, Dell EMC, Ericsson, OpenNode and Telia, have developed the Estonian Government Cloud.

All consortium partners are responsible for specific contributions:

  • State Infocommunication Foundation (RIKS) – data centres and management of customer relations;
  • Cybernetica – ISKE certification process;
  • Dell EMC – hardware;
  • Ericsson – project management, hardware and software;
  • OpenNode – technical leadership and cloud orchestrator (self-service portal and service store);
  • Telia – operations, cloud related products and services


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