e-Estonia Programme for Retail Sector

  • Click and Collect Solutions for Retail and Logistics

    with Cleveron

    Cleveron develops innovative parcel lockers and robots to streamline omnichannel initiatives and offer a seamless customer experience. Our solutions:

    • reduce last-mile delivery costs
    • enhance parcel delivery and return operations
    • improve the omnichannel customer experience

    Cleveron has partnered with Migros to establish a sizeable parcel locker network in Switzerland.



    Autonomous delivery vehicles

    with Clevon

    Clevon develops innovative parcel delivery robots for last-mile.

    • reduce last-mile delivery costs
    • enhance parcel delivery and return operations
    • improve the omnichannel customer experience


    Autonomous contract negotiations

    with Pactum

    Pactum AI automatically negotiates better agreements. Bring the power of advanced AI to your negotiation process. Our AI negotiates high-volume, low cost agreements that are usually left unmanaged or renegotiated at high expense.

    • On average, we deliver a 4.2% increase in profitability – this is value creation on autopilot.
    • Our clients’ negotiation processes are on average 71% fully-automated and require zero human involvement – Pactum saves time and resources.
    • We negotiate thousands of deals in parallel – meaning you can engage with your entire long-tail simultaneously.


    AI based prediction engine

    with Aitoldyou

    Aitoldyou is a company, that predicts future sales transactions and gives insight into customer behavior patterns for logistics companies using AI (predictive analytics). We have also developed a easy to use customer service portal to enable transparency in the sales organization and gather structured information to be the basis for our algorithms.

    Increase your sales and customer loyalty by using our Quote & Book system to give automated quotes from your website. Alert your sales representatives by using our monitoring system that also analyses your client booking patterns.


    Retail ecosystem that connects retailers and suppliers

    with Lexi.Market

    Lexi.Market is the modern SaaS cloud platform to keep all your product information and images in one place. In addition to the product information exchange platform, we are providing extra tools for the purchase departments of the retailer companies to simplify the product management and purchase process. Our intuitive user interface makes the product management easier than before and saves a lot of time from the routine work many companies are facing every day.

    All product offers from suppliers arrive to one modern web desktop where they can be validated and compared. Users can view the past offers and negotiation history so that the entire process is transparent and no agreement is forgotten.

    Lexi.Market has a powerful import tool to acquire Excel-form based product information to the Lexi.Market offer list even if the supplier is not using a supported PIM solution.


    Fully autonomous, unmanned, and modular robotic store techonology

    with Grab2Go

    Our Autonomous Dark Store Technology includes a complete cloud-based software platform with the AI function, based on a closed independent standalone robotic solution. All the processes are automated, monitored, and adjustable from a distance. This allows for the possibility of having only 1 physical operator for 6 to 8 stores.

    High business process management costs due to a large share of the manual work in the day-to-day business processes. Predictive AI, a complete cloud-based software platform with an automated robotic solution, will provide real process flow optimisation & significant savings.


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