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  • Introduction to the e-state

    with e-Estonia Briefing Centre

    Estonians are pathfinders, who have built an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem that saves time and money. e-Estonia invites you to follow the digital journey. The initial part introduces and demonstrates the underlying mechanisms involved in digitizing a society, an overview of the main challenges and policies, an understanding of the infrastructure, e-solutions and services.


    99% of public services in Estonia are available online. The e-Government development in Estonia is led by the office of Deputy Secretary General for Digital Development (Ministry of Economic Affairs).

    This section would cover how Estonia has reached this level, what is needed to keep the services up to date and what are the future plans (AI, proactive services etc.)



    The AI strategy is a sum of actions that Estonian government will take to advance the take-up of AI in both private and public sector, to increase the relevant skills and research and development (R&D) base as well as to develop the legal environment. According to the earlier strategy, the country invested around 10M euros into governmental AI solutions and today more than 80 AI projects have been performed.


    e-Government infrastructure management and protection

    with Information System Authority

    Information System Authority is a governmental agency which manages secure data exchange (X-Road, document exchange) between institutions, an overview of state information systems and data (RIHA), the use of electronic identity, the functioning and protection of the state broadband network, organisation of e-elections, the activities of the State Portal eesti.ee, and the work of the ID card help centre.

    The Information System Authority (RIA) also coordinates the development and administration of information systems ensuring the interoperability of the state’s information system, organises activities related to information security, and handles security incidents in Estonian computer networks.

    Information System Authority is within the administrative area of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.


    Personal digital state concept

    with Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

    The goal is to build a personal digital state. It is a system that automatically informs a person that they need to act when the time is right. It can be used by both individuals and entrepreneurs and is based on the data available to the government to offer e-services in a proactive way.

    A personalized state is not the next version of a digital state but is based on the assumption that government services are already inherently digital. It takes into account the shortcomings and societal expectations where the current digital state is struggling. It must consider the evolving consumer base and its needs, reduce the complexity of services, identify the right owners for services, and avoid unnecessary or duplicative services.


    Education for a digital future

    with Education Estonia

    Education Estonia is an initiative for international education cooperation by the Government of Estonia. Estonia has become a successful role model in education worldwide. According to PISA 2022, Estonian students are at the top of the rankings in Europe and among the best in the world.

    Estonia has managed to digitalize the whole education system and implement digital skills learning into curriculum to match the needs of the future of work.


    World-leading electronic identity

    with SK ID Solutions

    Estonia has by far the most advanced national ID card system in the world. Much more than a legal photo ID, the mandatory national card also provides digital access to all of Estonia’s secure e-services. In cooperation of SK ID Solutions and Cybernetica the so-called Smart ID was developed. Smart-ID is an app based new generation electronic identity designed to use conveniently on smart devices, while still keeping high level of security.



    Cyber security assessment and capability development

    with CybExer 

    CybExer Technologies is a NATO-awarded Estonian cybersecurity company that has wide-ranging experience in providing and maintaining highly sophisticated cyber security training platforms with a special focus on cyber capability development. The platforms are the key to successful delivery of a plethora of cybersecurity trainings and exercises aimed at ordinary users, technical responders and the very top of strategic leadership.

    CybExer’s flagship service is the development, operation and maintenance of next-generation, state-of-the-art, cyber ranges. Ultimately, it offers a safe environment where personel, technical, and organisational cyber security capabilities can be assessed, analyzed, and developed.


    Removing barriers for innovation

    with Accelerate Estonia

    Accelerate Estonia is a testbed for moonshot ideas. We combine the urgency of startups and the power of the public sector to test, validate and build solutions to global wicked problems. Estonia’s record of moving fast with audacious ideas makes it the ideal sandbox to pilot radical innovations on a country scale. We bring together visionary entrepreneurs and public sector evangelists to launch success stories solving humanity’s most pressing challenges.


    Tehnopol / Tallinn’s Science Park visit

    with Tehnopol

    Tehnopol Science and Business Park aims to support state-of-art technology entrepreneurship in Estonia and help it expand to the world. Our vision is to make the Estonian economy more sustainable by helping startups and SMEs to grow more quickly.

    As the largest science park in the Baltics, Tehnopol provides enterprises with everything they need for growth, development, and real-life test environments – from modern office spaces to top-notch business counselling and innovation testing.

    The smart research campus forms one big area with Tallinn University of Technology. Tehnopol Startup Incubator helps technology-based startups develop their businesses, enter export markets and get investments, using the best mentors from Estonia and Europe. In the campus we have well-regarded technology companies such as Skype, Cybernetica, Starship Technologies, Ektaco, and SMIT. More than 200 innovative technology-based companies have found a new home here.


    Innovation in the municipality

    with Tallinn Strategic Management Office

    The purpose of the Tallinn Strategic Management Office is to coordinate the implementation of the city’s strategic objectives and to support the city government in creating a modern living environment for Tallinn residents, fulfilling public tasks, organizing local life, and shaping relevant policies. The Strategy Center operates as a competence center for support services, providing assistance to government agencies and institutions managed by the city in their core activities.


    AI & Robotics Centre Estonia

    with TalTech University

    AI & Robotics Estonia (AIRE) is committed to increasing the competitiveness of Estonian industrial companies by helping them adopt artificial intelligence and robotics solutions. Our goal is to bring universities closer to industry. We offer companies innovative solutions that cannot be found on the private market – be it testing of new technology or software, data analysis methods, cloud solutions, preventive maintenance or development of digital twins.


    How to build an efficient digital state infrastructure

    with Estonian Information and Communication Technology Centre

    The Estonian Information and Communication Technology Centre (Estonian IT Centre, RIT) keeps the digital government and provides the public sector of the Republic of Estonia with computer workstation, basic server infrastructure and other central services.

    Among other things, the basic infrastructure provides hosting services for information systems, including in our state-owned Government Cloud.

    The Centre looks to optimize services, infrastructure and costs related to digital government.


    Test City

    with Ülemiste City

    Ülemiste City is a business district located in Tallinn, Estonia. It is known as one of the largest and most significant business campuses in the Baltic region. The environment and community of Ülemiste City support the companies’ ambition to grow. We’re the real-world flexible testbed and catalyst for new technologies and contribute to creating an ecosystem where testing is essential to any product development and service design.

    Test City provides infrastructure for the testing companies, whether office space or the streets and roads on campus, a curious and tech-savvy talent community, and data for value creation. In addition, mentoring, cooperation with universities, data analytics, technical support, marketing assistance and consulting to find funding for projects are offered. The value of Test City is bringing together companies of different sizes and fields of activity, from which new services and business models can emerge.


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