e-Estonia Programme for Tradenet Maldives

  • 31.10.2022


    Introduction to the e-state


    Estonians are pathfinders, who have built an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem that saves time and money. e-Estonia invites you to follow the digital journey. The initial part introduces and demonstrates the underlying mechanisms involved in digitizing a society, an overview of the main challenges and policies, an understanding of the infrastructure, e-solutions and services.



    X-road data exchange and data tracker integration

    with Cybernetica

    at e-Estonia Briefing Centre (Valukoja 8, Tallinn)

    The X-Road is the backbone of e-Estonia and was initiated by the Estonian government to enable secure data exchange between governmental organisations. The first version was developed by Cybernetica and launched in 2001.

    X-Road is a distributed information exchange platform that makes it possible for all different systems to communicate all across the governmental sector; for example, the police can access data from the health system, tax board or business registry and vice versa.

    It has enabled to increase the depth of cooperation between public organizations and reduced paper work exponentially so that public employees can concentrate on tasks that require human interaction.


    World-leading electronic identity

    with SK ID Solutions

    Estonia has by far the most advanced national ID card system in the world. Much more than a legal photo ID, the mandatory national card also provides digital access to all of Estonia’s secure e-services. In cooperation of SK ID Solutions and Cybernetica the so-called Smart ID was developed. Smart-ID is an app based new generation electronic identity designed to use conveniently on smart devices, while still keeping high level of security.




    Change management and competence training

    with e-Governance Academy

    It is a well-known fact that the real benefits from the use of ICTs come not from simple automatization of the existing processes but from changing these processes and reinventing service delivery in the information society. The e-Governance Academy in Estonia has compiled the change management lessons learned from Estonia and elsewhere and, as a result, developed the change management framework. The framework serves as a guiding tool for changing management tasks in government and society digitalization.


    Transfer to Information System Authority (RIA)


    Management of e-Government infrastructure; State portal and e-mail

    with Information System Authority

    at Information System Authority”s office (Pärnu maantee 139a, Tallinn)

    Information System Authority is a governmental agency which develops and manages secure data exchange (X-Road, document exchange) between institutions, an overview of state information systems and data (RIHA), the use of electronic identity, the functioning and protection of the state broadband network, organisation of e-elections, the activities of the State Portal eesti.ee, and the work of the ID card help centre.

    This session would cover management of electronic identity, state portal and state e-mail service.

  • 01.11.2022


    Present and the future of digitalization

    With: Proud Engineers

    at e-Estonia Briefing Centre (Valukoja 8, Tallinn)

    Proud Engineers is a boutique team of architects (engineers, lawyers and institution builders) with hands-on experience building Estonia’s digital society. More than strategy, we solve the big digital transformation challenges for governments and large corporations. Genuine digital society is more than e-Government, it depends on tight collaboration between the private and public sectors and continuous engagement with citizens. So Proud Engineers works closely with both national and enterprise partners across the world to transform their societies.


    The Center of Registers and Information Systems (RIK)

    It is an agency in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, with the purpose of establishing an innovative environment providing good integrated e-services for a more efficient implementation of state administration, legal and criminal policy.

    <strong>Main fields of activities</strong>
    The RIK develops and administrates registries and information systems of very high importance for the state and its citizens, for example the e-Business Register, the e-Notary system, the e-Land Register, the information system of courts, the Probation Supervision Register, the Prisoners Register, the Criminal Records Database, the e-File, the electronic State Gazette, etc.




    World-class Financial and Court Information Systems, backed up by scientific research.

    with Aktors

    Aktors develops information systems and other custom software solutions, starting from analysis to the implementation, and offers consulting services related to software development. The have a long experience building e-governance, with examples like X-road, Financial and Court Information Systems.


    Digital Twin of Estonia and Road Maintenance and Supervision System

    with Datel

    Estonia’s nation-wide digital twin, developed in cooperation between public and private sector, will gather data and visualise real-life situations so accurately that, in the future, we will be able to test and work on constructions projects in virtual reality, before putting them into action in real life. And there is certainly much more that the digital twin can achieve.

    You can find the 3D twin here: https://3d.maaamet.ee/kaart/


    Use of Mobile data in service design

    with Positium

    Positium Data Mediator is a scalable Mobile Big Data processing and analytics engine. Its applications include population statistics, mobility studies and tourism data. The Positium Data Mediator was created using the methodology that was developed with the University of Tartu. Its purpose is processing location data from several Mobile Network Operators into meaningful and reliable statistical indicators regarding the aggregated locations and movement flows of people.


    Protecting your country with digitalization

    with SpinTek

    SpinTek is one of the oldest ICT company in Estonia. While being the biggest software development partner for the local municipalities, they have also developed numerous systems for different Estonian ministries and built thousands of e-servieses for Estonian citizens. Today they are working closely with U.S. Department and different governments around the world to help them protect their national security while digitalizing some of the country’s vital industries.
    Some of the more popular solutions that help governments and municipalities to offer better services to their citizens and companies include:
    • e-licesning system Stratlink: Stratlink provides for a solid platform for a paperless licencing process and is a national web-based information system for registering traders and processing strategic trade authorizations.Transparent and accurate strategic trade control helps prevent illicit trade in proliferation sensitive items, enhance national security, and facilitate legitimate trade through faster scrutiny of applications. E-licensing stands for rationality, efficiency, speed and convenience and provides for end-to-end business process.
    • Cemetery management information system Haudi: with the help of this system Estonia has digitalized the data in Estonian cemeteries. Haudi is a web-based information system for cemetery management, which preserves and organizes data about the buried and makes it available to people interested in history and to the users of burial places.
    • Excavation and road closure permit information system OPIS: web-based information system for electronic application, processing, issuing and publishing of excavation permits, and temporary road closure permits within a local municipality.

  • 02.11.2022


    e-Government strategy and service design

    with Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications 

    at e-Estonia Briefing Centre (Valukoja 8, Tallinn)

    99% of public services in Estonia are available online. The e-Government development in Estonia is led by the office of Deputy Secretary General for Digital Development (Ministry of Economic Affairs).

    This section would cover how Estonia has reached this level, what is needed to keep the services up to date and what are the future plans (AI, proactive services etc.)



    Digital Trade Hub

    with Best Solutions

    B.EST Solutions has earned a reputation as a dependable provider of innovative e-Government and e-Identity solutions. In co-operation with their Business Partners they offer a variety of services and consultancy to support different stages of the development. Digital Trade Hub helps a country to become the Amazon or Alibaba of a country with a cross-border e-commerce platform that simplifies export procedures for local SMEs, all verified by the state. Digital Trade Hub (DTH) connects different stakeholders and policy areas across sectors, borders and institutions, making it easy to move goods legally between countries.




    Travel to CybExer Technologies

    Toompuiestee 35, 10149 Tallinn


    Cyber security solutions and trainings

    With CybExer
    at Toompuiestee 35, 10149 Tallinn

    CybExer Technologies is a NATO-awarded Estonian cybersecurity company that has wide-ranging experience in providing and maintaining highly sophisticated cyber security training platforms with a special focus on cyber capability development. The platforms are the key to successful delivery of a plethora of cybersecurity trainings and exercises aimed at ordinary users, technical responders and the very top of strategic leadership.


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