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  • 14.02.2022


    Meeting with Kersti Kaljulaid Foundation

    Kersti Kaljulaid

    Location Fotografiska Tallinn  Telliskivi 60a-8, 10412 Tallinn

    Meeting with Taavi Linnamäe (CEO) and Tiit Riisalo (Senior Advisor).

    Fotografiska Tallinn  Telliskivi 60a-8, 10412 Tallinn

  • 15.02.2022 Valukoja 8, Tallinn


    Introduction to the e-state

    with e-Estonia Briefing Centre

    Estonians are pathfinders, who have built an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem that saves time and money. e-Estonia invites you to follow the digital journey. The initial part introduces and demonstrates the underlying mechanisms involved in digitizing a society, an overview of the main challenges and policies, an understanding of the infrastructure, e-solutions and services.


    Meeting with Government CIO office

    Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communication

    Office of the Deputy Secretary General for Digital Development is responsible for the digital society strategy and overseeing the digital transformation in Estonian public sector.


    Ensuring the interoperability of the state’s information system

    With: Information System Authority RIA

    The Information System Authority (RIA) coordinates the development and administration of information systems ensuring the interoperability of the state’s information system, organises activities related to information security, and handles security incidents in Estonian computer networks.

    Information System Authority is within the administrative area of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.




    X-road data exchange between government and private sector entities


    The X-Road is the backbone of e-Estonia and was initiated by the Estonian government to enable secure data exchange between governmental organisations. The first version was developed by Cybernetica and launched in 2001.

    X-Road is a distributed information exchange platform that makes it possible for all different systems to communicate all across the governmental sector; for example, the police can access data from the health system, tax board or business registry and vice versa.

    It has enabled to increase the depth of cooperation between public organizations and reduced paper work exponentially so that public employees can concentrate on tasks that require human interaction.




    Health economy is one of the world’s fastest growing industries that covers a wide range of services, applications and technologies focused on improving human healthspan.



    with eKool

    eKool is a school management tool bringing together pupils and their families, schools and supervisory bodies. eKool supports better learning for the pupil, parents are better aware of their children’s progress and the authorities have a good overview of what goes on in schools under their management. eKool is used by majority of the Estonian schools.


    Learning management platform

    with Schoolaby

    Schoolaby is a revolutionary learning management platform that enables remote or hybrid learning. Either in the classroom or at home, Schoolaby keeps students, teachers and parents always on the right track.
    Schoolaby provides an easy-to-use light-weight learning management system that connects countless external sources and gives teachers more freedom in compiling the courses with the most interesting and up-to-date external study materials/apps. By using LTI standard and xAPI the students’ results will be gathered automatically from these external platforms facilitating the assessment process for teachers regardless of the different sources of the resource. Personal or segmented learning paths can be composed for more impactful learning experiences.


    Cyber security solutions and trainings

    With CybExer

    CybExer Technologies is a NATO-awarded Estonian cybersecurity company that has wide-ranging experience in providing and maintaining highly sophisticated cyber security training platforms with a special focus on cyber capability development. The platforms are the key to successful delivery of a plethora of cybersecurity trainings and exercises aimed at ordinary users, technical responders and the very top of strategic leadership.


    Dinner hosted by Invest Estonia & Enterprise Estonia

    Location Restaurant Lee
    Uus 31, Tallinn 10111

    The Estonian Investment Agency (Invest Estonia) is a government agency promoting foreign investments in Estonia and assisting international companies in finding business opportunities in Estonia.

    The agency is a part of Enterprise Estonia which serves as a bridge between the Estonian business environment and the world. Enterprise Estonia develops the Estonian economy and businesses through developing business models and boosting innovation, increasing export capacity, attracting high value-added foreign investments, recruiting top international professionals, and increasing tourism revenue.


    Luukas Ilves, Government CIO

    Andreas Kaju, META Advisory, Partner

    Robert Lang, Estonian Investment Agency, Deputy Director

    Lauri Lugna, Enterprise Estonia, CEO (TBC)

    Lauri Haav, e-Residency, CEO (TBC)

  • 16.02.2022 Valukoja 8, Tallinn


    Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications


    Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (officially abbreviated as ITL) is a voluntary organisation, whose primary objective is to unite the Estonian information technology and telecommunications companies and organisations, to promote their co-operation in Estonia’s development towards information society, to represent and protect the interests of its member companies and to express their common positions.


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