e-Estonia Programme for National Library Board of Singapore

  • 27.03


    Introduction to the e-state

    with e-Estonia Briefing Centre

    Speaker: Carmen Raal

    Estonians are pathfinders, who have built an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem that saves time and money. e-Estonia invites you to follow the digital journey. The initial part introduces and demonstrates the underlying mechanisms involved in digitizing a society, an overview of the main challenges and policies, an understanding of the infrastructure, e-solutions and services.


    Growing while remaining efficient

    With  NetGroup

    Speakers: Irina Kõiv and Maarja Laos

    The joint platform of libraries Minu Raamatukogu (eng My Library) or MIRKO enables the collection of many libraries to be gathered on a common virtual bookshelf. Now you can easily borrow all your favourite books with just a few clicks.

    In collaboration with Eesti Rahvusraamatukogu, this project has created a modern solution for findability and movement of books to readers across Estonia. The purpose of the nationwide service is to combine e-catalogs and allows the user to order the desired books from home.

    MIRKO is now LIVE and available to all Estonian residents. Go borrow some books because reading is fundamental!




    Click and Collect Solutions for Retail and Logistics

    with Clevon

    Speaker: Marta Hang

    Clevon develops innovative parcel delivery robots  for Last-mile.

    . Our solutions:

    • reduce last-mile delivery costs
    • enhance parcel delivery and return operations
    • improve the omnichannel customer experience


    Developing an Automatic Subject Indexing Tool for The National Library of Estonia.

    By Texta

    Speaker Silver Traat

    Manual subject indexing in libraries is a time-consuming and costly process and the quality of the assigned subjects is affected by the cataloguer’s knowledge on the specific topics contained in the book. Trying to solve these issues, we exploited the opportunities arising from artificial intelligence to develop Kratt: a prototype of an automatic subject indexing tool. Kratt is able to subject index a book independent of its extent and genre with a set of keywords present in the Estonian Subject Thesaurus. It takes Kratt approximately 1 minute to subject index a book, outperforming humans 10-15 times. Although the resulting keywords were not considered satisfactory by the cataloguers, the ratings of a small sample of regular library users showed more promise. We also argue that the results can be enhanced by including a bigger corpus for training the model and applying more careful preprocessing techniques.

  • 28.03.2023


    Estonian National Library

    address Narva mnt 11 


    Vabamu- The Story of Our Freedom

    address: Toompea 8b, Tallinn

    We educate and involve the people of Estonia and its visitors and encourage everyone to think about the recent past, to sense the fragility of freedom, and to stand for freedom and justice.

  • 29.03.2023


    Train to Tartu

    With Elron


    The National Archives of Estonia

    address Nooruse 3, Tartu 50411

    The National Archives of Estonia is the centre of archival administration in Estonia and has its departments in Tallinn, Tartu, Rakvere and Valga. The main task of the National Archives is to ensure preservation and usability of society’s written memory, documented cultural heritage for today’s and future generations. On the other hand, the National Archives guarantees the protection of citizens’ basic rights and duties as well as the transparency of the democratic state through the holding and preservation of archival records. The National Archives is a government agency in the domain of Ministry of Education and Research acting on the basis of Archives Act and Archival rules.

  • 30.03.2023


    Helping the National Heritage Board to estimate the stability of museum objects using artificial intelligence?

    with STACC

    Contact Kalev Koppel +372 515 9966

    Address Narva mnt 18, 51009 Tartu

    Did you know that artificial intelligence can also be used in museums? The Estonian National Heritage Board launched an exciting project called kratt Sälli* whose purpose is to make conducting inventories in museums quicker and more convenient. Due to the large amount of museum objects, it is not feasible for museum staff to thoroughly examine them all.


    Visit to ERM – Estonian National Museum

    Contact: Laura Kipper

    Address: Muuseumi tee 2, 60532 Tartu

    Estonian National Museum preserves the feeling of continuity and tradition. The museum is the generator and developer of cultural dialogue which links the past and the future. ENM`s role as a centre of ethnological research is to record, study and interpret culture as a way of life, taking into account its periodical, spatial and social diversity. The Museum’s function as a contemporary cultural and tourist centre is to show our culture`s uniqueness and primeval power of creation to every Estonian and visitor.

    The main emphasis of research and collecting is on Estonian everyday life in the second half of the 20th century as well as on the Estonian diaspora and audiovisual, archival and artifactual data from Finno-Ugric cultures.


    Transfer to Tallinn



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