e-Estonia Deep Dive Programme for BWI

  • 11.08.2022


    Introduction to the e-state


    Estonians are pathfinders, who have built an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem that saves time and money. e-Estonia invites you to follow the digital journey. The initial part introduces and demonstrates the underlying mechanisms involved in digitizing a society, an overview of the main challenges and policies, an understanding of the infrastructure, e-solutions and services.



    The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications gives an overview of how the Data Embassy was set up. What were the main obstacles, and how did we overcome those. Also what are the main issues going forward. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is also in charge of Estonian e-Government strategy that is led by the office of Deputy Secretary General for Digital Development. This section would cover how Estonia has reached this level, what is needed to keep the services up to date and what are the future plans (AI, proactive services etc.)


    World-class Court Information System, backed up by scientific research.

    with Aktors

    Aktors develops information systems and other custom software solutions, starting from analysis to the implementation, and offers consulting services related to software development. The have a long experience building e-governance, with examples like X-road and Court Information System.


    Addressing Data Entropy

    SensusQ builds data intelligence systems specifically designed for entities operating in complex and unpredictable environments, where scenarios are likely to change, and decision-making is risky.




    Innovation in Estonian Defence and Security Industry


    Estonian Defence Industry Association


    Defence Estonia Cluster is a network for international cooperation and export to enhance the cooperation between Estonian companies, R&D institutions and clients (triple helix). Cluster and its members participate in international projects and programs to increase export capability and sales of the Estonian companies on the defence and security markets.

    The aim of the Defence Estonia Cluster is to promote innovation in the defence and security industry and to develop new and highly competitive products and services for export. The Clusters’ target is to increase the export volume of Estonian defence and security industry tenfold by the year 2029.


    Cyber Command

    with Cyber Command

    The main mission of the Cyber Command is to carry out operations in cyberspace in order to provide command support for Ministry of Defence’s area of responsibility.
    Cyber Command’s Mission essential Tasks

    • Provide information and communication technology infrastructure and services.
    • Provide cyber defence.
    • Plan and execute cyber operations.
    • Gain, maintain and share cyberspace situation awareness.
    • Plan and execute information operations.
    • Provide Headquarters support for Joint Headquarters.
    • Plan and execute strategic communicatons.
    • Train, prepare and mobilize wartime and reserve units.
    • Conduct functional area Training, Research and Development.



    with Cyber Range 14

    The purpose of the CR14 Foundation is to provide research and development in the field of cyber security in the field of defense, to support it, to promote international cooperation in the field of cyber security, to organize cyber security training and to provide and advise on cyber security services.
  • 12.08.2022


    Data security and monitoring

    with Guardtime

    Guardtime is Europe’s leading deep tech company, founded with a mission to make the world’s information universally reliable. Guardtime’s portfolio is a mix of core technology and products for building zero-trust systems for customers like Verizon, Maersk, Lockheed Martin, AstraZeneca, Roche, and many governments around the world. MIDA is Guardtime’s new Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tool to manage the complexity of the cloud, administer the shared responsibility model, and avoid security failures. With offices in Tallinn, Estonia, and Lausanne, Switzerland, Guardtime has built different enterprise products ranging from Telecom, Health, Cyber Range & Exercises, and even Space. They have fashioned its KSI blockchain technology to support a real-world data (RWD) solution.

    The RWD solution enables sensitive healthcare data to be used in clinical trials and personalised medicine in an aggregated, anonymised way without breaching privacy rules.


    X-road data exchange between government and private sector entities.


    The X-Road is the backbone of e-Estonia and was initiated by the Estonian government to enable secure data exchange between governmental organisations. The first version was developed by Cybernetica and launched in 2001. X-Road is a distributed information exchange platform that makes it possible for all different systems to communicate all across the governmental sector; for example, the police can access data from the health system, tax board or business registry and vice versa. It has enabled to increase the depth of cooperation between public organizations and reduced paper work exponentially so that public employees can concentrate on tasks that require human interaction.

    Cybernetica has also created solutions like
    Naval awareness – Integrated maritime situational awareness for safety at sea.
    Border surveillance – Efficient integrated border control systems.
    Aerial awareness – New era of efficiency in air traffic control with remote tower.




    Taxi ride to NATO CCDCOE

    Filtri tee 12, Tallinn 10132



    visit to NATO CCDCOE


    Taxi ride to CybExer Technologies

    Toompuiestee 35, Tallinn 10149, Estonia


    Cyber security assesment and capability development

    visit to CybExer 

    CybExer Technologies is a NATO-awarded Estonian cybersecurity company that has wide-ranging experience in providing and maintaining highly sophisticated cyber security training platforms with a special focus on cyber capability development. The platforms are the key to successful delivery of a plethora of cybersecurity trainings and exercises aimed at ordinary users, technical responders and the very top of strategic leadership.

    CybExer’s flagship service is the development, operation and maintenance of next-generation, state-of-the-art, cyber ranges. Ultimately, it offers a safe environment where personel, technical, and organisational cyber security capabilities can be assessed, analyzed, and developed.


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