Estonian ICT living lab

The aim of the Living lab is to initiate the co-development of new e-services by establishing consortia – groups of companies and public sector institutions in order to boost cooperation within the country and international partners.

The ongoing examples are:

    • The digital receipt (also e-receipt and m-receipt) project represents a well-designed and efficient business plan which focuses on innovating Norther European retail sector and making digital receipts a part of Europe’s digital success story. The long-term goal in this direction would be the abolishment of all wallets/plastic cards that people carry around.  See


    • The FinEstSmartMobility project provides more fluent integration of different transport modes of the inter-city and cross-border traffic with piloting and planning ICT-driven solutions. See The Project is funded through Interreg Central Baltic programme with total budged of 1.8 million euros (


    • The Internet of Business is a completely new value chain based on the Real-Time Economy (RTE) concept across the EU. The Real-Time Economy is an environment where all the transactions between business parties are in digital format, increasingly automatically generated, and completed in real-time both from the business and the IT-processing perspectives. For enterprises, public sector, and citizens this means, for example, that orders, order confirmations, invoices, and payments flow from system to system without delays. See also: and


    • The Smart Lab is a testing environment for mobile applications. Internet has expanded effectively to mobile devices and Internet users are switching more and more from browsers to mobile applications. The question is, how to ensure that applications are running perfectly on various devices? This is where we see the crucial role of the Smart Lab. The Smart Lab has a variety of mobile devices (different hardware and software) on which manual and automatic tests can be run in order to provide the best user experience. See more:


Ralf-Martin Soe

Ralf-Martin Soe

Head of Living Lab

GSM: +372 523 9520

Living lab operations:

NGO ICT Demo Center in cooperation with the Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications


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