ICT Cluster

Estonian ICT cluster is the main force to support ICT companies cooperation and development in Estonia. It is ICT enterprises co-operation platform, which objective is to increase the usability of ICT in other economic sectors of domestic and foreign markets. Through this, we aim to foster the development of new solutions, the creation of new products, and to improve the companies’ competitive ability in the international market.

ICT Cluster main figures

42% of the total workforce in the ICT sector have been employed by the Cluster partners 128 is the number of countries the Cluster partners have already clients in 50 000 EUR of value added per employee 81 organizations participate in Estonian ICT Cluster
Estonian ICT Cluster partners are smart product developers and creators of the world-recognized ICT solutions. The common denominator for Estonian ICT companies is their efficiency, creativity and the ability to ignore the concept of impossible. Most public and private e-solutions have been made by ICT cluster partners. Cluster is a joint platform to foster the export of ground-breaking e-solutions that have been developed and implemented in Estonia.

Please contact us:

Doris Pold poolpikk Doris Põld Cluster Manager doris.pold@itl.ee GSM: +372 511 4411 Maarja Rannama poolpikk Maarja Rannama Cluster Project Manager maarja.rannama@itl.ee GSM: +372 555 82672

Through Estonian ICT cluster you can:

  • Have access to a dynamic network of companies;
  • Share knowledge and experiences with most innovative e-solutions developers;
  • Find the right business partners;
  • Have skilled and highly qualified workforce;
  • Rise your competitiveness.

Some examples of the fields we cover:

  • E-Industry
  • E-government solutions
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Cyber Security
  • Internet of Things

Get acquainted with the cluster partners’ competencies here.

The project “Estonian ICT Cluster” activities have been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.