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Erika Piirmets believes in equity and accessibility of government services for every citizen through the best user experience

As the Digital Transformation Adviser at the e-Estonia Briefing Centre, Erika is a keynote expert speaker in digitisation of public sector services, and advises broad audience on digital public infrastructure, citizen-centric service design, e-state governance, forward-thinking leadership mindset and more.

Erika is a strong advocate of automatisation and proactive services with an objective to support spreading the Estonian digitalisation experience and creating bridges to form a network of interconnected digital societies based on decades of Estonia’s know-how.

Keynote expert speaker Erika Piirmets

Some of the speaking events

Economist Impact, by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – panellist

Discussed: #inclusive digital public infrastructure #transparency by default #interoperability of data
Sideline discussion on stage of the 2023 Annual Meetings of The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in Marrakesh, Morocco where people-centricity was the focus because of the increased risk of polarization, seclusion, confrontation in the world. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions, but digital public infrastructure was agreed among the panellists as common good, enabler for the economic growth and opening new possibilities instead of creating bigger divide by introducing more digital tools. Building trustworthy ecosystems based on transparency help fighting shadow economy and creates and open culture of collaboration.

Data Management Summit AAPP Bilbao – keynote speaker & panellist

Discussed #citizen-centric public services how to avoid #data-siloes #interoperability of data #bigdata in government digital services
Public administration and citizen-centric e-services event in Bilbao, Spain 2023 focused on interconnected government databases to lay foundation for proactive services. Erika highlighted data quality as a core condition for real time automated service provision, and the importance of permissive legal space allows to implement emerging technologies like #AI, as an example of Estonia’s data driven decision-making processes.

Blockchain in Financial Services 2023 – keynote speaker

Discussed KSI #blockchain in Estonia’s GOV data interoperability via #X-Road #e-identity as eligibility verifier in #trusted services
Finanz und Wirtschaft Forum in Zurich, Switzerland focused on displaying the Government issued Estonian electronic identity as the secure authentication and legal access point to digital services. However, #blockchain was the buzzword in Zurich that day. As Estonia pioneers KSI blockchain technology applications in government, Erika discussed how mathematical verification of data usage by the KSI blockchain provides objective truth instead of blind trust.

Topics of Focus

Digital Transformation, e-Governance, e-Service Design, Electronic Identity, Interoperability, Cyber Security, i-Voting, Ease of Doing Business, FinTech, e-Residency, Start-Up Ecosystem, e-Education, AI




Organization Behaviour, MA
Tallinn University, Estonia

Information Science, BA
Tallinn University, Estonia

A dialogue with Erika at Latitude59


Amidst the dynamic backdrop of Latitude59, Estonia’s premier tech event, Nordic Fintech Magazine engaged in a compelling conversation with keynote expert speaker Erika Piirmets.

Erika shared insights into Estonia’s technological evolution, stemming from practical necessity. With a small population, Estonia’s adoption of digital solutions like digital dogs for onboarding and self-service checkouts reflects ingenious ways to address real-world challenges. Erika highlighted how Estonia’s focus on meaningful employment opportunities fuelled its tech innovation, and she traced the origins of the nation’s tech prowess to its history of experimentation.

Erika’s narrative also unveiled Estonia’s commitment to digital literacy and inclusion. She discussed the country’s dedication to personalized medicine and deep tech advancements, driven by academic collaboration. The conversation underscored Estonia’s strong cybersecurity stance, forged through past challenges and international partnerships. Erika’s enthusiasm for Estonia’s digital journey and her insights into a future marked by resilient digital solutions left an indelible mark, showcasing the potential of a digitally empowered society.

Featured in

Podcast host of The Art of Digitalisation

With a co-host, Erika gives listeners hands-on tips, advice, and shares valuable lessons on how to start or accelerate their digitalisation paths around the world.


Lov&Data expert feature on interoperability framework X-Road

Nordic Fintech Magazine podcast

Keynote expert speaker Erika joins Chris Crespo, a Founding Partner and Chief Editor at Nordic Fintech Magazine for a podcast episode on Transforming a Nation: Lessons Learnt from the World’s most Advanced Digital State.

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Erika Piirmets
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"All of our elections: local, national parliament, and European elections, have i-voting components, and now when digital votes have overtaken traditional votes it speaks volumes about our trust," said Erika Piirmets, a digital transformation adviser at e-Estonia. "We do have political parties who are against i-voting, and we have a discussion happening now in Estonia about this. We have to be aware of concerns, and share more information and be even more transparent to show how safe the system is," she told Euronews Next.
“The government does not build the digital society – it is only running it, and it is the private sector that develops and offers world-class solutions and services. Also, long before there was any technology introduced, Estonia created a comprehensive legal framework around data and privacy protection, which enabled authorities to offer public services digitally,” Erika Piirmets, digital transformation adviser at e-Estonia, tells The Recursive.
„We suffered from cyber attacks exactly in 2007, it was the first large-scale cyber attack against a state. This year, in August 2023, there was a very similar attack. However, technology has developed so much in 15 years that - although we have experienced the same - our systems have survived the test. Over this time, they have become much more developed. If we compare this situation with, for example, 2007, 15 years ago the government removed access to many e-services because the attack was too extensive to maintain their continuity.“ Erika Piirmets, Digital Transformation Advisor at e-Estonia Briefing Center, talks about Estonian experiences in cyberspace.


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