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Carmen Raal is passionate about understanding the "how?" and "why?" behind Estonia's digital success story, so other countries could achieve the same level of success.

Carmen is an inspirational speaker on digitisation of public sector services, offering advice to a broad audience on digital public infrastructure, citizen-centric service design, e-state governance, and more. As a Digital Transformation Adviser at e-Estonia Briefing Centre, she guides both public and private sector stakeholders on ways to integrate innovation into their operations, overcoming obstacles.

Her previous experience working at the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund exposed her to the transformative power of digital services that enable human-centric interaction and enhance service quality. With a focus on elevating public administration and refining service delivery, she also brings a practical understanding of the latest technological trends.

Inspirational speaker Carmen Raal

Some of the speaking events

SWITCH Singapore Week of Innovation – panel moderator

Discussed: #start-up environment #public-private partnership #e-Residency #innovation
At SWITCH 2023, Carmen moderated a panel discussion centered on the seamless business environment in Estonia, supported by digitalisation initiatives and dynamic public-private partnerships. The panel highlighted how Estonia's supportive startup ecosystem and e-Residency empower entrepreneurial business activities globally.

Enter Society 5.0: Sustainable, inclusive, digital – panellist

Discussed #human-centric design #Society 5.0 #sustainability
At the online GovInsider Live ASEAN panel, Carmen joined other digital transformation experts to delve into the ways their respective countries - Estonia, Japan and Singapore - are exemplifying a inclusive and sustainable digital society.

The GoTech World 2022 – keynote speaker

Discussed #smart-city #human-centric cities #cybersecurity #public-private partnership
At GoTech World 2022 event, organised in Romania, Carmen inspired her audience of experts with a keynote speech outlining Estonia's strategy for creating technologically driven cities with a human-centric focus. Simultaneously addressing cyber-security requirements for resilient cities.

Topics of Focus

e-Governance, Cyber Security, Interoperability,
Electronic Identity, Human-Centric Design,
AI, i-Voting,Start-Up Ecosystem,
Ease of Doing Business, e-Residency,
Smart Cities, e-Health,
Digital Wellbeing




Public Administration and Innovation, MA
Tallinn University of Technology
(TalTech), Estonia

Liberal Arts
Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Government and Politics, BA
Tallinn University, Estonia

Featured in

Podcast host of The Art of Digitalisation

With a co-host, Carmen gives listeners hands-on tips, advice, and shares valuable lessons on how to start or accelerate their digitalisation paths around the world.

Spokesperson for Estonia

Carmen often serves as a spokesperson for Estonia, addressing topics related to digital transformation and digital services within the country. An example of this is her interview with Digiday on how Estonia’s digital evolution could set it up for the metaverse.

GZERO livesteam event: Digital Nations

In GZERO livestream event presented by Visa, Carmen shared insights into the nation's digital transformation. She pointed out how the unique partnership between Estonia's public and private sectors has created solutions that are versatile and user-friendly.

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Digital Transformation Adviser
Carmen Raal
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Society has progressed a long way since 2015, with emerging tech like generative AI dominating conversations today. But digitalisation and automation does not mean losing the human touch, said Carmen Raal, Digital Transformation Adviser from Estonia’s digital government unit, e-Estonia. “On the contrary, the reason why we're having digitalised services…is to have more time for this human touch, especially where it matters.”
For Ms Raal, the main priority should be to “take off the bureaucratic workload that’s put on people’s shoulders and bring it back inside government offices”. “Our big goal is that we want to leave gut-feeling decision-making in history and use big data to make decisions,” she adds.
Ms Raal said Estonia introduced the eID as the country was rebuilding itself after decades of Soviet rule. With a small population, lots of space and a lack of resources, Estonia needed to find a different way of providing public services to its people, she said. "We discovered that digitalisation was basically the only way out," she said.


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