How has Brexit affected language learning in the UK?


The British public’s appetite for learning foreign languages has increased significantly after the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union, according to the findings of Lingvist, a language learning app.

Lingvist, says it has seen a 91 per cent increase in UK users since the EU referendum last June. This data has been examined 9 months before and after brexit (August 2016 – April 2017).

Looking at the data in more detail, the English-French course seems to be a British favourite with a 21% increase of learners post-Brexit, and the most popular language courses being French from English, Spanish from English, German from English.

The company took an even closer look at the data and found that British learners seem to find challenges with specific words across different languages. For instance, words that somewhat resemble an English word (also known as cognates) — such as the Spanish word gobierno, which resembles the English word government — seem particularly tricky.


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