State e-Services Portal

The State Portal,, is a website that acts as a one-stop-shop for the hundreds of e-services offered by various government institutions.

Rather than having to hunt for a particular service on the Internet, a user can simply head to this gateway site and find the appropriate link.

The portal is divided into different sections – one for citizens, one for entrepreneurs, and one for officials – making it easy to for the user to find the service he or she is looking for.

Once logged into the system with an electronic ID, the user does not have to repeat the log in when accessing each different service. Watch the video about Estonian State portal in estonian here.


Introduced in: 2003


  • Easier access to e-services for users
  • Single point of contact  – 99% of all state services
  • State can better promote new services

Did you know?

The state portal helps create awareness of available e-services, as visitors discover new options while browsing it.
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