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Estonia’s overall climate of innovation has helped companies here develop a number of cutting-edge solutions in the energy sector – solutions that benefit the distributors, the consumers and the environment.

Estonian entrepreneurs and software developers, for example, have created smart-metering and billing management software for use by utilities providers. These systems allow the end users to monitor their consumption in real time, compare the various packages available to find the best deal, and even choose how much of their energy will come from renewable sources.

Facility Energy Management solutions enable large real estate owners (like Ports, Airports, Universities, etc…) to manage their energy consumption in the most efficient way. Innovation from Estonia helps them to reduce their energy bills.

The same system can even predict when an area’s electricity supply is likely to be strained, and automatically forward customers instant bonus offers for cutting their consumption during those times, thereby smoothing peaks and troughs in the local grid.

Customer billing is integrated into the same system, which results in an enormous cost savings for the distributor.

Local innovators have also taken a new approach to smart homes, developing systems that integrate electrical, heating and security systems to a level not seen elsewhere – and selling them at a substantially lower price than competitors in other countries.

These systems are designed to maximize energy efficiency, which saves the homeowner money and is much friendlier on the environment than older methods of home management.

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Smart Grid is one of the Components that make up the digital society of Estonia. This e-solution is provided by the company NETgroup.

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  • Increase in options for consumers
  • Net reduction in carbon use

Did you know?

Estonian energy management systems are smart home-ready, enabling them not only to monitor the energy consumption, but also help to reduce it!
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