Population Register


The Population Register is the state’s database for holding the basic information about each person living in Estonia. It contains their names, ID codes, birth dates, places of residence, and other statistical data such as nationality, native language, education, and profession.

Each resident can review and correct their data in the registry.

The register is connected to other systems via the X-Road, and a variety of other state systems depend on its data for their services. For example, when individuals apply for childbirth allowances, study allowances and discounted tickets on public transport, data is retrieved from the Population Register. The same is true when a person uses i-Voting. The system retrieves the information automatically – no extra documents have to be brought in or online forms filled out.

The state also benefits because statistics are kept up-to-date, and functions such as voter registration and tax filing, which are based on one’s address, can be handled properly.

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Population Register is one of the Components that make up the digital society of Estonia. This e-solution is provided by the company Andmevara.

Introduced in: 2001


  • Accurate information for state services
  • Statistical information is kept up-to-date

Did you know?

All citizens are identified by more than just their names; date of birth is used as a way of personal identification.
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