Location-Based Services


Broadly speaking, a Location-Based Service is any service that can determine the location of a mobile device, and then provide information based on that location.

Estonia’s most impressive development in LBS has been in the area of positioning services.

In 2000, the country made headlines by pioneering a system that can instantly pinpoint the location of any GSM mobile phone that’s used to make an emergency call. The system has become an invaluable tool for Estonia’s rescue workers, who otherwise would have trouble locating victims who call from remote areas.

Whether they use this kind of mobile positioning software, or rely on GPS-enabled devices, positioning services have become widespread in Estonia. LBS systems also provide the location data for several geographical information systems (or GIS’s), which provide a visual representation of database information on a map. GIS systems give the user an easy-to-see overview of the information, all the while keeping all vital details available at the click of a mouse.

In the public sector, positioning services are used by police and rescue teams, tourism authorities and the statistics agency.

They also have a wide variety of commercial applications, such as keeping track of vehicles in a delivery fleet. A manager in a head office can log into a website and see exactly where each of his trucks are at any given moment.

What can LBS systems do? Have a look above at the brief video about Tartu’s Smart City solutions.

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Location-Based Services are one of the Components that make up the digital society of Estonia. This e-solution is provided by the companies Datel, Nutiteq, Positium and Reach-U.


Introduced in: 2000


  • Location of mobile signals in emergency situations
  • Easy tracking of fleet vehicles

Did you know?

Positioning systems are also used by shipping fleets, taxi companies and by managers who need to see where their sales agents are located.

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