Nowadays life is quick and the justice procedures, the cornerstones of the democracy, should be quick as well.

Thanks to the fully automated court processes and electronic communication tools between courts and parties, Estonia has one of the most effective court system in the World.

The e-Court system – also known as Courtal – is fully comprehensive system for the court proceedings management from the beginning until the end. The solution is implemented for the Estonian courts under the Ministry of Justice and since 2015 all of the proceedings can be held paperless.

The initial claim can be entered via public portal 24/7 and at the next working hour the court clerk confirms the case and appoints the first hearing. Once it confirmed, the workflow engine brings the necessary data on to the portal of allocated judge. Meanwhile the Judge and other participants can provide electronically further evidences, answer questions and involve even legal representatives, lawers into the process.
If the case is simple, the hearing will be held electronically with no need to visit the court house. All participants will be delivered the decision over the public portal using x-Road technologies.

And finally, the final procedures ie bailiff processes, are automated as well – the fine is collected automatically with physically not accessing the bank accounts.


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e-Court is one of the Components that make up the digital society of Estonia. This e-solution is provided by the companies Aktors and NETgroup.

Introduced in: 2005


  • electronic submission of claims
  • electronic proceeding of claims
  • electronic communication and involvment of all parties

Did you know?

Estonia holds the second place in Europe regarding the court proceedings speed

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