Studying abroad is becoming more attractive year after year. Universities have to cope with increasing number of applications across the Globe meanwhile differentiating high quality students. 

In most universities today, student admission is often overly bureaucratic and difficult to track. DreamApply has developed a student recruitment and marketing system which contributes to increase the number of enrolled highly motivated students by concluding and solving different problems:

1) Applicants have an overview of relevant information related to their study area – no need for advanced search

2) Admission has less irrelevant e-mailing and is not overwhelmed with administrative work

3) Marketers can track online and offline campaigns and have a clear picture of which campaigns bring in the results.

4) Management will have convenient access to useful statistics to make better decisions

5) External partners could also receive information or statistics that is relevant for them. This could include ministries or other governmental organizations but also marketing & recruitment companies.

Overall, managing applications manually is too time-consuming for today’s standards. DreamApply automatized platform removes a lot of headache and optimizes different work processes.

A few examples of systems that have been built on DreamApply platform:

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DreamApply is one of the Components that make up the digital society of Estonia. This e-solution is provided by the namesake company.


Introduced in: 2011


  • Manage whole student admission process online
  • Manage all marketing campaigns in one place
  • Set the professional system up in unrivalled time

Did you know?

DreamApply platform is servicing universities from 16 countries running 130+ systems with 100% customer retention.

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