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The principles we follow most ardently and believe in most strongly usually have a distinct philosophical background. Like many people of her generation, fitness trainer Marianne is passionate about protecting the environment. She believes that cutting down on carbon emissions and slowing down global warming is everyone’s personal responsibility. As in fitness, she knows that the key element in making anything happen lies in taking charge of one’s actions and in this case, achieving control over your personal energy consumption. Quite a while ago, she traded in her old car for a hybrid one and for years, Marianne used to turn the heating off in the morning and run home during her lunch break to turn it on for later. She came up with many clever ways to cut down on her electricity consumption but all her solutions had a considerable drawback – they became the focus points of her day, making her constrained in her travels and quietly dictating her free time.

When Marianne heard of the chance to have a sophisticated smart meter system installed to her home, she did not need much convincing. First of all, she could conveniently compare all the offers from different providers and to finally pick the one most suitable for her needs. The system keeps her up to date with all the new deals available and with much needed certainty, she was able choose the package entailing the highest percent of renewable energy.

After having started using the system, Marianne’s days have become as flexible as she makes them. Whether at home, in the park or over her lunch break, she can open her laptop and with a few mouse clicks, obtain an hour-by-hour data on her electricity consumption. During her second log-in, she spotted a way to cut down and already from that same day, adjusted her usage accordingly. Whilst logged onto the system, one can also shop for various energy-saving products and to celebrate her biggest step towards greener living, Marianne awarded herself with a new fridge using half the wattage of her previous model. Since having installed the smart meter system, she also feels more at peace whilst training young athletes in the gym and knowing that she is playing an active role in creating more sustainable energy on many levels. Marianne’s next goal is to move into an intelligent building within next ten years. She wants a home which’s heating and ventilation system would work hand-in-hand and where she could control all the major electrical and technological systems just through her computermaking her life even more comfortable, safe and secure. Luckily for Marianne, an Estonian company called Yoga has already come up with a pioneering solution for those intelligent homes she has in mind.

All of us use electricity on a daily basis. The same system that controls the smart metering and customer interface is also linked to the utility company’s billing, saving the company time and money and in turn, further reducing environmental impact. It is only a matter of time, when more and more reusable energy sources will become thoroughly linked to the smart homes already around. The intelligent equipment and the accompanying software provide each and every one of us with a possibility to monitor and adjust our consumption habits. Andjust like this, we can take more control over our personal energy use. It all comes down to little things. The fact that a commissioned meter reader does not have to drive down to every house and burn fuel along his way, is just another bonus making the smart meter system a valuable asset for humans and for the environment. When keeping it green, every little bit counts.

At a glance:

Marianne had a smart meter installed in her home to monitor her hour-by-hour electricity use.

  • She can go online to see her consumption habits, compare offers, and choose a package that uses more green energy.
  • No meter reader ever has to burn an ounce of fuel getting to her house.
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