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When Martin finally retired in 2010, he gave himself a promise to only spend time on things he loved the most – fishing for trout, solving 10 000 piece puzzles and visiting his grandchildren. The only thing he had not counted on was developing a severe asthma. On being given the news, Martin could feel his plans vanishing into thin air. He could already imagine it – his quality time being divided between setting up doctors’ appointments and taking long bus rides to the city every time he needed his prescription renewed. Yes, on a good side, he was told he’d be fine as long as he used his inhaler whenever an attack came on. But it almost did not matter, since instead of getting to know his grandchildren he was about to gain a deeper insight into the departure times on the bus schedule.

Unwilling to give up on his dream quite yet, Martin decided to give the newly launched e-prescriptiona try. As an openly conservative old-school gentleman, his experience with state provided e-solutions were numbered to a couple of well-known solutions, and Martin had never been the first one to try his hand at something completely new. To his surprise, he discovered that instead of travelling to the city, he could call, Skype or e-mail his doctor and ask for a prescription renewal from home or whilst already on his way to the pharmacy. His doctor would then log onto the system, write the prescription and forward it to the national database. Just like that, with a couple of mouse clicks, the prescription would become available to Martin from every pharmacy in the country. And when arriving at a pharmacy, Martin only has to present his ID card to purchase his medicine.

Martin knew that from that day onwards, he would never again have to worry about losing his recipes and that he could rest with a calmer mind, knowing, that his GP has a full overview and instant access to the information pertaining to his prescription medicine purchases. Already that morning, Martin also called his friends who routinely forgot whether they had already made their necessary medicine purchases and let them in on the useful and elegant solution.

Every hour Martin has saved with the help from e-prescription, he has been able to spend with his grandchildren or casting for trout on his favourite waters. It is that simple – for a patient, it means no paperwork, no forms to fill or lose, and no extra time put aside for medical appointments. The patient can also choose his specific brand of the prescribed medicine in the pharmacy since the physician has not fixed the brand but the active substance of the medicine. For the pharmacies, it means the end of deciphering the hard-to-read handwriting on the prescriptions and for the physicians, it means instant access to the patient’s full medical history and medicine purchases. For the state, it all comes down to a reduction in paperwork in hospitals and pharmacies, and a clear overview of goings-on in the field of pharmaceuticals.

At a glance:

Martin no longer has to visit his doctor to get his prescription refilled.

  • Using only his ID Card, he can pick it up at any pharmacy.
  • He uses the time he saves to take the grandkids fishing.
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