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ai powered projects

About the framework:

The object of the procurement is the development, management, analysis, and data labelling as well as other related works associated with the sub-objectives ‘A state powered by artificial intelligence’ and ‘Data-based governance and recycling of data’ of the Digital Society Development Plan.

Total procurement amount of AI-related projects and developments sum up to 5 million euros. All developments are procured as small projects starting from 10 000 euros.

Duration of the framework is 3 years (2022- 2025).

The contracting authority will not divide the public procurement into lots and will conclude a framework contract for the provision of services with all successful tenderers. The provision of services by all successful tenderers guarantees a purposeful and economical use of the funds of the contracting authority.

The minimum size of the team is one person with expertise in at least one of the following areas: data science, data architecture or data analysis.

Submitting your offer is easy – we only require your specialists’ hourly rate and a Curriculum Vitae (CV) with a proof of previous experience in the required field.

The developments’ scale from Virtual Assistant #Bürokratt to other AI powered projects. Read more from Estonia’s national AI strategy.

pivacy enhancing technologies

Having already built a highly successful foundation through our AI strategy and with Bürokratt we’re keen to raise and improve the AI service offering even more, so we can continue to provide our citizens and companies with the very best government services. This initiative allows to build the next stage of data-driven e-Estonia more efficiently together with you!

Ott Velsberg

Estonia's Government Chief Data Officer

Ott Velsberg Chief Data Officer

Let's build the next generation AI-powered digital government!

Send your offers by 06.09.2022.

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Cooperation areas:


Virtual Assistant #Bürokratt

Bürokratt is the vision of how digital public services should work in the age of artificial intelligence (AI). Bürokratt is thus an interoperable network of public and private sector AI solutions, which from the user’s point of view, act as a single channel for public services and information. Read more about #Bürokratt.


AI-powered developments and projects

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has now become an essential and unavoidable part of the development of the digital state. Read more about the current use cases of existing AI-powered projects in Estonia.


Privacy Enhancing Technologies

Privacy enhancing technologies (PET) are technologies that embody fundamental data protection principles by minimizing personal data use, maximizing data security, and empowering individuals.

Need more information?

Framework related questions: Estonian Procurement Register

Technical issues: [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions

You will get the opportunity to become part of one of the most technologically advanced government projects in Europe and contribute to developing an AI govstack that is open source, data driven and borderless, and what’s more – benefits the whole society. 

All companies and organizations from the World Trade Organization countries with sufficient competence in data science are invited to participate in the tender. The tender participant must be able to propose at least one of the following roles: data architect, language technology data scientist, and data analyst.



The tender participant must propose at least one of the following roles: data architect, language technology data scientist, and data analyst.


We expect at least 3 years of field work experience from a data architect, broad-based expertise in creating and planning data structures and models, and AI and machine learning solutions. From a language technology data scientist, we expect a sectoral higher education or at least 3 years of work experience in a similar field. A language technology data scientist must be familiar with the most important natural language processing frameworks and machine learning algorithms.


From the data analyst, we also expect a specialized higher education or at least 3 years of work experience in a similar field. The data analyst has a good command of Python and SQL languages ​​and has experience using BI tools, creating dashboards, and visualizing data.


In addition, the provider can also propose representatives of the following roles: full-stack software developer, UX/UI designer, data protection expert, project manager, and data entry/marker.

You can access the procurement via Estonian Procurement Register. However, bare in mind that the tenders or requests to participate must be submitted electronically via Estonian Procurement Register.

When submitting an offer, you only need to provide each proposed role’s cost per hour of work and include the CVs of all proposed team members.

Submit your offer via Estonian Procurement Register by 06.09.2022.

Yes, joint tenderers must appoint a representative authorised to take steps relating to the public procurement.

Example tasks are as following:

  • Developing and extending privacy-enhancing technologies;
  • Working on AI innovation projects as part of government data and AI sandbox;
  • Establishing different language technologies;
  • Working on federated learning;
  • Publishing government-held data as synthetic data;
  • Developing and implementing machine learning solutions;
  • Training of a speech robot;
  • Replacing existing individual functionalities with more efficient systems, for instance, for customer service, and for voice- and sign-language based service provision.

All the English procurement documents can be found in Estonian Procurement Register.  The list of documents include:

  • Description of the works
  • Requirements of the team members
  • Draft framework contract
  • Framework contract annex 3
  • CV form
  • Confirmation of the team
  • Assessment methodology
  • Additional information
  • Single procurement document
  • Eligibility criteria

Questions regarding the framework: Estonian Procurement Register.

Technical issues: [email protected].