A digital map application covering all Estonian bicycle tours

Biking in Tartu

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The first digital map application in Estonia, which covers all Estonian bicycle tours was just rolled out. It can be easily used on both a computer and a mobile phone. The map has a total of more than 70 trails for cycling with a total length of more than 6,500 kilometers.

The map offers a choice to everyone with different capacities and tastes, starting from ten to more than a thousand kilometers of hiking trails.

Exciting trails can be found all over Estonia to get to know our nature, be it islands or lovely landscapes. An additional advantage is that several hiking trails connect Estonia with Latvia.

Cycling with a fatbike
  © Katrin Laurson

So far, cyclists have had to use the Regio paper map, which has a little over 50 cycle paths. Rein Lepik, Regio’s long-term partner, mathematician, and deserving developer of cycling was also the main consultant to the Estonian Tourist board to help work out Estonia’s first digital cycling application. Lepik is the creator of the Estonian cycling infrastructure and the launcher of the Tartu Cycling Marathon. And he has acted as the Vice-President of the European Cyclists’ Federation and was selected as one of Estonia’s 100 most outstanding hikers.

Eurovelo passes through Estonia

Lepik also provided free use of his rich photo collection of bicycle paths for the national tourism website. Rein Lepik confirmed that the roads on the map are really being driven. Lepik has seen many European cycling trails, riding all the roads of Eurovelo. Eurovelo also passes through Estonia: Eurovelo No. 10 entirety, No. 11 and 13 partly.


Cycling in Muhu

© Karl Markus Antson

The digital bike path application offers lots of additional information about the severity and permeability of the road, according to which the hiker can decide how it suits the visitor. For example, how much asphalt and how much gravel road, what the terrain is, etc. Ways to reach the hiking trail by car, caravan or train are also included.

Where to eat, where to stay

Bicycle tours are also connected to the area’s tourist services: where to eat, where to stay, where to go to the event in the evening.

Please note that the map shows hiking trails, not traffic roads in cities. However, they can be part of hiking trails, as many hiking trails reach cities or take them from town to countryside.

All the information and touring ideas can be neatly found here. To avoid any confusion – there is no separate app, there is a mobile responsive web solution and a downloadable GPX file for each track.

Happy cycling in Estonia! 🚴


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