Raising the e-Generation

When having finally made the decision to accept her job offer at a busy marketing agency, Eva promised her husband and their children never to put work in front of her family. As a new project manager, she felt a bit intimidated by her demanding job and by Maria and Kaia, her two children, just about to start their first and third year at school. Yes, she became a tad concerned about turning the natural flow of their family life into a meticulously planned schedule just to hold everything together. Luckily, she was gravely mistaken about the entire over-scheduling thing. There was already a ready-made solution for organizing all the school-related issues.

Like almost every school in Estonia, Maria’s and Kaia’s school was equipped with the sophisticated e-School system, a web-based solution helping parents and their children to stay in touch with the teachers. After her first day in the office, Eva went to pick up Maria from school. She arrived 15 minutes ahead of time and whilst waiting in the park nearby, she opened her iPad and logged into e-School to check on her daughter’s homework assignments for the night. On that moment, she also received a text message informing her that Kaia had not shown up for her class on that afternoon. Since Eva had felt a bit nervous in the morning, she had forgotten to let Kaia’s teacher know of his doctor’s appointment. Already logged into the system, Eva sent an absence excuse within the same minute and closed her laptop to see Maria happily skipping towards her across the field.

Later in the afternoon, Eva’s husband Samuel arrived home and sat down with Kaia to help her with her homework. For starters, they logged into e-School and went over Kaia’s homework schedule and the remarks from her teachers. Later, Kaia logged into the system herself, to check on how she had done on her weekly spelling test. A personal victory time! She had been given the highest score in her class. Feeling satisfied, she moved the graded paper to a personalized e-portfolio where she kept all her best work. Kaia felt happy, knowing that when her mother would check the recent grades, she would see them having improved since she first started using e-School. And most importantly, she would not have to worry about feeling left out when she sometimes had to work late.

Maria and Kaia enjoy e-School in its fullest for it gives them an easy way to stay on top of their homework. It means not worrying about forgotten assignments or misplacing notes from their teachers or parents. For Eva and Samuel, it’s a brilliant way to stay in touch with the teachers and to be fully active participants in their children’s education. The web-based system that has revolutionized the way parents, pupils and teachers interact has become a perfect tool in keeping track of one’s progress throughout the years. It is simply priceless. Just like good education.

At a glance:

Eva and Samuel use the e-School system to check their children’s grades, homework and progress online.

  • They receive an SMS if one of their kids is marked absent from class.
  • They can see teachers comments and start school realted discussions.
  • The kids can see their homework assignments and keep their best work in a personalized e-portfolio.
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